Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have been trying to figure out how to write this this entry.  While walking Dante he found this in the grass.  Ill be honest as a male I would probably never have any contact.  I was a nursing student and a nurse for at least 2 years before I had any contact with these.
This is a vaginal cream applicator and no, it doesn't really glow like that.   At work a tube of clindamycin cream comes with ten or so of these applicators which are designed to deliver the medication...well you get it.
Following Dante’s discovery I was faced with several questions.  Aside from simply accenting once again that my neighbors are dirty shitheads how did it arrive there on our front lawn and exactly which dirty shithead left it there?
Funny thing, this was the only trash out there.  One would think that if someone trash tore open there would be more stuff scattered around.  So, I have hypothesized two scenarios.  
    1) Someone used the applicator in their parked car then threw it out of their car like a cigarette. But if someone was that filthy there would be more scattered about.  
    2) Obviously, the only clear explanation is this was a the work of an environmentally conscious woman with vaginal itch.  She was trying to throw it in the recycling bin but missed or it was thoughtlessly cast out of the bin by the recycling people.  
    The only reason I did not see any of the other applicators?  Next time you have a plastic water bottle ask yourself if there is any vaginal plastics composing it.  
And no.  The first draft of this short blog did not say vaginal plastic but rather something more alliterative and graphic.

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