Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eatontown Picker

I saw Tony dragging this down the street while I was running errands the other week.  The same street I saw him being accosted by the police a few weeks before that.  He was struggling to drag it over a curb as the nose of it was stuck.  It was pretty obvious it was missing its front wheel.  It does not look like it is the the most current design but I would imagine they are still expensive.
It almost looks like it might be one of those fancy fusion powered basketed hovercrafts I've been hearing about.
 Nope, its just broken shit. 

But I am also pretty sure they are very worthless if nonfunctional. 

But Tony is able to see worth in things that to the common person seem to have none.  Just like how he saw worth in the fenced in abandoned military housing that the apartment complex sits next to.  While we might see over hundred units of perfectly functional apartment units falling into a state of complete and total unusable disrepair, Tony sees easily penetrated structures full of potential copper piping and scrap metal.

So Tony brought back the broken personal scooter device back to the complex.  Where he placed it in front of one of his neighbors apartments.  I got the impression they did not appreciate it because it was moved to a more natural habitat.
Behold!  The native Rascalis Ambulaticus in its indigenous habitat.  I was given special permission by the people of Eatontown and Wild Electronic Preservation Society to photograph this mystical creature.  Malls and rehab centers have ravaged the indigenous population of these rare beasts through poaching and capture. 

Eerily enough. It looks just as fitting here as it did next to the trash cans where Tony found it. 

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