Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hot Dog.

"It's a hotdog cart. Brand new." A disembodied voice shouts from nearby.

I pulled Dante's leash and he moved away from the tow hitch. On its flatbed was a large mystery item wrapped in tarps and a dozen stretched faded bungee cords. His momentary interest in this item will now cost us a conversation with Tony.

"Yeah. Curb your dog. Heh Heh." He said as he got up from a plastic deck chair on his balcony.

"He wouldn't have peed on it." I said under my breath.

He leaned over his second floor balcony. A plume of cigarette smoke floated from a hand that rested on the railing.  "I'll sell it to you. Twenty one hundred and it's yours."

"That's it?" I said. 

I was able to gaze across an infinite prism of alternate realities. A reality where I had $2100 of disposable income to buy a hot dog cart. This alternate Thomas also had a desire to make hotdogs instead of simply eating them. In fact, I want to make hotdogs so badly that I am willing to quit my job as a nurse to become a purveyor of fine street meat. In this reality all these qualities coalesce to create an alternate Thomas who comes home, swings open his apartment door, and throws down a heavy bag of wholesale Sabbrett brand hotdogs on the floor. He calls out to his wife, Sam, that he just gave Tony $2100 for a gently used hotdog cart and quit his job.

Alternate Reality Sam doesn't kill me where I stand. What a woman.

I pull Dante away from the deflated tire of the tow bed again, "I think the nursing thing is working out for me right now, Tony. But I'll let you know. I'll talk to Sam tonight."

"Yeah. Ask her. Ask your friends and stuff. I'll throw you some money for a finders fee. Three hundred bucks cash."

"Sure. I'll ask around."

"Tell them I have papers for it and everything. I just have to find them.  You know?"

"Yeah. I would probably need those." Dante pulled me away.


I have read stories about how some people drastically alter their careers.  This vignette is in no way a criticism of people who have done such changes.  I am in no way saying someone should not or can not drop what they are doing and become hotdog vendor.  In fact, if you are interested I can talk to Tony for you. Perhaps we can talk him down a little and then we can split my finders fee commission right down the middle.

One fifty will buy a lot of hotdogs.

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