Thursday, September 5, 2013

annnd...for my next trick...

My email...which failed to send after typing it up.
In an effort to lose weight and take advantage of a great sale a month or so ago I bought two boxes of your wholesale sized 100 calorie right bite variety packs from a Costco near me. 

Let me hand it to you those things are delicious. 

But...I would have to say...AT LEAST 50% of the cookie products (the fudge stripes or chocolate chips) the packaging is ALWAYS open.  It's as if the seal on the package wasn't even there. 

So I will reach in to the box, grab myself a tasty snack, only to find that what I thought would be one of your delicious Keebler Elf (TM) crafted ambrosia is nothing more than a stale foul tasting 100 calorie portioned bag of garbage.
I doubt this is an effort to get me to eat less than 100 calories per bag.  Because if it is...its pretty ingenious except for the fact I am probably just going to forgo purchasing your product ever again that way in addition to cutting calories I can cut expenses as well. 

Thank you for reading.  If needed, I can include pictures of said packaging if need be or a link to my blog where I complain pointlessly about things to a bored and nonexistent audience. 

Tom Minor