Friday, June 30, 2017

Postcard #157: "Missing you..."

Sent to Fosforito!  

My friends Patty and Drew came out to visit.  We took a trip up to Snoqualmie to check out some Twin Peaks locations.

Postcard #156: "I farted..."

Sent to my friend JB RN.

Text: I farted.  I am not proud of that fact but, it happened.  I was alone in a room cleaning it up after surgery.  No cases to follow.  Perhaps I felt safe?  In a room adjacent to the OR, a coworker knocked on the door and gave me a friendly middle finger through the glass and smiled.  I walked over dragging the shame cloud of my flatulence with me.  It carried a familiar smell I could not place.  I opened the door and he was checking the shelves for outdated product.  My guilty conscious urged me to speak. "In an effort to meet full disclosure...I just farted. It's pretty bad." He replied, "Is that why it smells like McDonald's in here?" I laughed.  It did.  Like a large order of fries.