Sunday, November 6, 2016

Postcard #143: "The Hunt"

Sent via postcrossing to HDamato who actually lives on a Maple Street.  She did not seem very particular what sort of card she wanted.  My wife and I both liked this postcard for the dog on it.  I don't think I write postcards directly for people very often, but with the maple street address I could only think about Twilight Zone.

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
The Hunt

I wonder if The Hunt would still be my favorite if I rewatched the series?  I suppose I have homework now.

"The Hunt"
My family especially my brother and I have lived lieves that have been shaped ever so slightly by repeated twilight zone marathons on the SciFi network. One of them, a classic, "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" my brother assembled a lesson pan to explor its meanings and themes. - My favorite episode is "The Hunt".  A man wakes up next to a pond after jumping in to have his dog.  He slowly realizes he and his hound dog are dead and walking along a road for eternity.  I'd hate to ruin the episode in case you haven't seen it but it made me appreciate dogs a bit more.  It also made me think that both heaven and hell might be kinda creepy but the journey or walk to either of them might not be so long as I had a dog with me.  -T.M.

Postcard #142: "Earl Grey"

Sent via postcrossing to MicSeb who likes flowers, pictures from where I live, landscapes, and photography.  Boom.  This postcard is pretty nifty view.  I will actually have to try and visit this place. There is a part that makes me think I have already written this story.  Oh well.  I like this version.

Postcard #141: "Cold #10 (Final)"

Original Card:
Stamp: "Franklin" Green Scott #300.  United States Postage Stamp 1¢
Original Postmark: Douglass, Kansas. Mar 9 (?) 5 pm 1906 (assumed)
Addressed to: Miss Amy (?) Burk of St Johns ore

I am at town now. 
I got the postal card you sent me.  
good by [sic]
Sent via postcrossing to PackerBacker2.  This is my first direct swap.  Normally I don't think I would do this...but who knows maybe the direct swap thing is better.  People who are interesting in receiving interesting things rather than fulfilling a collection or getting peoples names or not appearing UNFRIENDLY.
So here is the finale of the Cold series.  I suppose I should type it all up so it is in one flowing story that could be read.  I don't think I will do that today.  I will come back to this entry and amend it with the completed written version of it.
Dat postcard tho. I found it at a recent estate sale.  So fucking haunting.  A beautiful degree of damage and weathering.  It's so perfect for the series.  I love it and I was so happy that I was able to put something great on it and send it on another trip.  The card is over 100 years old.  Which just blows my goddamned mind.

Yes, that is my address if you are reading and would like to send me something or start a correspondence.

Cold Series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 8
Part 9

Postcard #140: "Cold #9"

Sent via postcrossing to Nordbaer.  I will admit.  I have been delinquent.  Really delinquent.  I have been sitting on three postcards for about 2-3 weeks.  Which is wrong, especially to the people whose addresses I am supposed to send things.  This is a poor excuse but that previous person really took the wind out of my sails.  I really just ceased giving shits about postcrossing.  I really did not care about writing.  Sharing.  Anything.  I wish it translated to me not buying more postcards but it hasn't.  I have been making a killing at estate sales.  I have been doing so well that I think I can start going through and actually getting rid of cards that are doubles or cards that are sort of lame.

So I figured I would finish off my Cold series.  It has been sitting around for a long time.  I really wanted to finish it off on this last card but once refused to fit comfortably.  So it requires another post.

Cold Series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 8

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Postcard #139: "Get a load of this guy..."

Sent to REDACTED via postcrossing.  So.  This gentleman from Germany wanted a postcard of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I suppose it is an interest that is close to him because he apparently lives in close proximity to one.  I went through some of the world heritage sites on the website and I learned that Chaco Canyon was listed.  I have had this postcard for 12 years.  This is one of MY postcards, from one of MY adventures.  I went on a cross country road trip with my father and my sister.   I got the card at the gift shop at Chaco Canyon and I got it stamped at the National Park Passport station while I was there.  This postcard represented the history of my trip and a memento of the trip.  I wrote about the trip there.  I wrote about how the Chaco Canyon location was falling apart.  I figured when I sent it..."Daaaaamn Tom.  You really knocked that one out of the park." I honestly thought he would make it one of his favorites or something.  That card has to be rare!  It was such a pain in the ass to get is one of the least visited national parks for a reason.  This cat also wanted to know my favorite book...which I was happy to tell him.  

So he got the card...and replied back with this...
I was floored.  I read his short note (several times) and the first thing I thought was "Get a load of this guy..."  I REALLY want to think something was lost in translation.  Perhaps he did not mean for it to sound as rude as he did.  But then again, if he liked the card enough he could have just asked me for my name.  I think normally I would have eaten crow.  I would have apologized for somehow slighting or being unfriendly to this stranger.  Instead I replied:

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Postcard #138: "Terminology"

Sent via postcrossing to sanoji.  Among many of the subjects she was looking for traditional dress and style.  I figured this would work.  If any one reading knows the answer to the topic I am all ears.

Postcard #137: "Cold #8"

Sent via postcrossing to twindaddy.  He is someone who shares my first name, lives in the states, and doesn't care what sort of postcard he gets.   I had high hopes that I would get the rest of the story on a final card. Maybe it will be finished by Cold #9?

Cold Series:
Part 1
Part 2

Postcard #136: "Talent Scout"

Original Card:
Stamp: "John Adams" Red United States Postage Stamp 2¢

Original Postmark: Burlington, VT. Aug 1 1952 PM
Addressed to: Miss Elizabeth Leeds of Elhurst, NJ
Faith had a baby girl after a hard time it was borne(sic) Thursday morning at eight oclock(sic) and we were all glad[.] Mother Kemyon is very sick, had two heart attacks and they don't know if she will pull out of it or not. Will write later Love Alice.

Sent via postcrossing to Pei_Hsin.  Who wanted "greetings from..." cards.  I realized I have been sending a lot of these cards out incorrectly.  "Greetings from..."were listed in a lot of peoples profiles but it wasn't until now that I realized that they are not asking for these they are asking for this kind.  Which I kinda feel are just dumb.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Postcard #135: "Paint"

Sent via postcrossing to Reby who wanted pictures of dogs.  But particular types of dogs so I did not want to "waste" one of my odd dog photos if she would not have liked it.  She did mention wanting images of movie stars.  Even mentioned James Dean by name.  I happened to have an oversized James Dean postcard so...boom.  The story is an excerpt of an excerpt.  I have all these pieces of stories everywhere.  Parts of nanowrimo stories I have long forgotten.  Is nanowrimo still a thing? I have less than a month to figure that out.  If I fit 250 words on a postcard...I would only have to write about 6-7 a day throughout the month of November in order to complete the 50,000 word requirement.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Postcard #134: "Belarus Fact"

Sent via Postcrossing to cosmogyral who wanted something hipster.  Whatever that means.  But she wanted to know something that I know about Belarus.  I mentioned a paper I did in Nursing school.  That even though Chernobyl was not in received some of the worst long term damage from the fallout of the nuclear disaster.  I actually got this card at the actual EBR site...I hope she appreciates this card as much as I appreciated the actual site.  

For a nursing class on world health, I wrote a paper on the immediate and long term effects of Chernobyl's meltdown on Belarus.  
One fact I learned was that you could spend the day wandering around much of the site of Chernobyl and Pripyat and still be exposed to LESS radiation than you would be exposed to if you were performing one endovascular thoracic case using fluoroscopy.  
DAY < Case (1)

Postcard #133: "HRC"

Sent via postcrossing to aleksiite.  She mentioned wanting black and white.  Let's see if this fulfills her wishes. I have been sitting on this postcard for awhile I've wanted to send it. But I really have not found an audience.  Now that Trump is really going viral with his latest fuckup in which he says that as a "Star" he can grab a woman in her "pussy"...I figured I should finish up my political postcard series for now.

Postcard # 132: "Marguerite"

Sent via postcrossing to MargaritaAlekseevna who wanted a kids card, animals, or a kids hero card.  I can't think of anything more kid like than these precious moments cards.  I have a whole book I snagged at a garage sale.  I sent this story to a mother who was collecting stories about her daughters name "Marguerite" I really did not know what to write.  Well.  Let me rephrase I knew something I could share.   I lamented about writing it for a few days honestly until I threw this story on the card. Finally.  After writing it...I felt badly.  Until my wife said, at 5 years old a child will not have the same existential crisis about death that you are having right now.  So I sent a story about my grandmother's funeral to this little girl.

Postcard #131: "MTG"

Sent via postcrossing to powertree. Who lastly mentioned that she would like scenic photos.  I found this one at a recent estate sale.  I sent her a card I used that night I played at the tournament which seemed most appropriate.  I deserved the cold...that's what I get for shaking peoples hands after playing.  I should have elbow bumped them...or brought handsanitizer.  

Postcard #130: "Pokemon Go"

Sent via postcrossing to ReaderChris who wanted a postcard of a Jackalope from a state other than AZ or CO.  Boom.  I can totally do that. ReaderChris also has a postcarding blog too.

I had to uninstall PokemonGo on my phone.  I was convinced I would kill myself or someone...with my car.  I noticed I was playing at red lights...then playing in stalled traffic.  But it wasn't until I asked myself while driving across a bridge..."I wonder if there are any water pokemon here?" I did not check. Because I imagined myself driving off the bridge.  Of course, I would not die...but I would have to explain how it happened.  I deleted the game when I got home.  -TM

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Postcard #129: "TMBNE"

Sent via postcrossing to DorisRen.  She had an interesting request that she get a train ticket and a movie ticket from my country.  So, that pretty much guided the whole exchange.  I found an old ticket from each and created a pocket on the card.  International postage stamps are pretty much all the same...postcard or letter.  God bless america.  I original wrote two stories.  But the first one was really sexual and I did not glean anything from her profile to make me thing she would be amused by getting a raunchy story from me.  So the story goes in the notebook for later use.
I sort of wish I sent her a different movie ticket.  I have a bunch of them packed away somewhere but this was the only one I could find.  I have movie tickets going all the way back to high school.  Which sort of blows my mind just typing that.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Postcard #128: "Dubs"

Sent via postcrossing to RailiH.  Not much to say...except I have never in my life scanned and printed money.  Ever.  I found this near the park and I came up with a story.  At least, that is what I am going to tell the police when I am arrested.

Postcard #127: "Word": Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Sent via postcrossing to berri.  So yeah.

True story, on 9/20 we went to go see Neil Degrasse Tyson speak.  What a brilliant and incredibly nice gentleman.  In the meet and greet afterwards he spoke to EVERYONE who came backstage. Answered questions. When my wife gave him one of his flowers he thanked her for it.  I would gladly attend another lecture.  Plus...and honestly most importantly Sam really enjoyed herself.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Postcard #126: "Dick Water"

Sent via postcrossing to Ich_bin_Berliner who had SO MANY FUCKING RULES TO WHAT I COULD SEND HIM it's amazing I could send him anything at all.  After reading his profile and all his demands I actually revisited my own profile to edit it and make mine less demanding.  Maybe something was lost in translation.  Perhaps its not that demanding.  Maybe when I reach a point when my postcards sent are in the thousands I might feel entitled to make some demands on those sending me cards.  I am sure its a lot of work. I don't even know what I would do with 5700 postcards.  Hats off to that guy I guess.  But if I have become that bored with what I get from the site...why bother at all?  I don't know maybe when I mail and receive nearly 6000 cards I will have a better understanding.  A state of postcard nirvana that brings no peace...?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Postcard #125: "Dark Side of the Room"

Sent via postcrossing to buzzeffect who liked getting "Greetings from..." cards.  I had a few of them.  I think this is the last of the cards I purchased during my waterfall revelations earlier this year.  This story on the back is true.  My wife and I went to go and see Pigs on the Wing the pacific northwests premier Pink Floyd cover band.  I had a very nice time.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Postcard #124: "Happy Postcrossing!"


New Card:
Grand Circle
#19224 Petrified Forest National Park
Light revels gold, red and other hues on these logs at Petrified Forest National Park

I really dislike this card. I am sending it to you to give it a second chance at life. Like rescuing a dog scheduled for euthanasia at an animal shelter. Happy Postcrossing "Heart" name This is the single most worst card I've received. Worse than not even sending a card. It's a waste of their time. My time. The postal service. Postcrossing. It's shit. The best explanation I have is that they do not speak any languages.
They are practicing writing Happy Postcrossing or someone wants to send out as many postcards as possible so they can receive as many postcards as possible.  . Maybe they are traveling through the postcards they receive. I don't know.  I am sure they are not bad people just infinitely boring or selfish. My reasons for writing are not free from selfishness. I just want people to dig a little deeper. I've only gotten Happy Postcrossing from Americans. Maybe they think they are being ironic? It might be if they weren't preceded by a half dozen other people thinking THEY were being ironic.  You can literally say ANYTHING under some degree of anonymity.  Call me an asshole.  Tell me what you thought about in traffic or on the toilet today.  The last song you got stuck in your head.  Your favorite meal. Your favorite book, movie, word (mine is vehicular) You can even tell me in your native tongue or broken English.  I don't care.  I want depth. Connection beyond "Happy Postcrossing!" Because... is it? Is it happy? It's nothing without the people sending it. They are junk mailers. Advertisements for tourism. Anyway HAPPY POSTCROSSING!

Printed in Korea. Purchased in Arizona.
Moved to Florida, Mailed to Oregon. Mailed
to you in the Czech Republic.

I realize that some people might need this translated.  And I think this might actually be the first time I have ever posted someone else's postcard on my blog.  I example must be made.  

Sent via Postcrossing to Danusse.  She did not have a whole lot of requests.  She did mention she wanted a card with Johnny Depp.  I don't have any of those.  I don't think I have any pirate ship ones.  All my Disney ones are before Disney made the films...though if I ever find a Pirates of the Caribbean amusement park ride postcard (which would be friggen awesome) I will be sure to link her to the image.
I was a pretty big asshole here.  I think it is supposed to be uncouth or rude to resend people's cards.  I think the worry is that it would be insulting to the person sending it.  That they took the time to send me something and I sort of sully it by sending it back out.  But in a world in which ad-cards exist and "fake" vintage cards, I allowed myself this breach of etiquette.  I also allowed myself the hubris to believe that improved the card.  This card was granted multiple lives!  How many reincarnations before it finds enlightenment?