Saturday, June 25, 2016

Postcard #107: "Disposal"

Postcard #107: "Disposal"

US-4088034       Disposal

I’ve only recently lived in an apartment with a garbage disposal unit. I doubt I use the device the way it should be used, the stuff I shouldn’t grind or should grind…eggshells? Coffee grinds? When I am doing the dishes the disposal has to be checked from silverware and utensils before I can turn it on or risk breaking the disposal. At some point I realized I stare at the on/off switch while my hand is inside the drain and disposal. Am I staring at the switch so it doesn’t suddenly flip as if operated by some sadistic kitchen poltergeist? Or someone rushes into my apartment cross my studio floor in order to flip the switch while I am still elbow deep inside the drain. But there is a third option that I stare at the switch to make sure I don’t flip the switch. Perhaps my whimsical and creative right brain has grown tired of my left brain controlled right hand…and decided to take matters into their own…

US-4088034       T.M.

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Sent via postcrossing leslyn.  Another ad-card that I turned into a suitable postcard.  I think this was an adcard for a shop that specialized in postcards so I suppose its appropriate.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Postcard #106: "Animosity"


Postcard #106: "Animosity"




“Animosity”       US-4080911


The golden state is a land of exciting scenery – of people on the move – snow cap mountains – desert in bloom – the mighty Pacific Ocean – all connected by the fabulous Freeways.

I am riding on the bus in Portland for the first time. We reach a stop and older gentleman with a ragged greying beard walks up to the front of the bus but stops before getting off. He turns to us and says aloud.

“I’m from L.A. and you folks from Oregon can go fuck yourselves.” He pointed at us. Me, even though I’ve only lived here a month. He got off the bus and put a cigarette in his lips. He locked eyes with us through the tinted glass. Perhaps hoping one of us would storm off the bus to defend, Oregon my Oregon.

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Sent via postcrossing to jm1304.  She wanted to learn some phrases in my native language.  "Go fuck yourself." Seems like a perfectly good phrase to share.

Jesus Christ Tom...would it kill you to proofread once in a while?  Anyway, this was the first time I saw hostility from LA directed at Portland.  Talking to people around here and you get a feeling that people from Portland do not care for people from California.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Postcard #105: "Coffee"

Postcard #105: "Coffee"

“Coffee”             US-3990149

When I was younger my mother flipped out at me when she found my stash of coffee pills I had wrapped in a paper towel. In High School I never drank coffee and this was before “energy drinks” but I would on occasion pop a “No Doz” to stay up and study or wake me up in the morning after staying up late. I was no Jesse Spano. She called me stupid and reckless because I had a heart condition (which I am positive was just a symptom of my anorexia, at the time). So now that I am older I drink coffee all the time…and my mother has yet to burst into the bathroom while I’m naked in the shower and complain about the extra large Ethiopian yirgacheffe with milk and raw sugar that I drank. Every day this week.

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Sent via postcrossing to Gortenzija.  She listed coffee as one of her postcard interests.  I had an advertisement flyer I turned it into a postcard and added coffee rings to it.  I sent this card weeks ago and forgot to upload it.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Postcard #104: "Leaving Las Eatontown..."

Postcard #104: "Leaving Las Eatontown..."

Leaving Las Eatontown

I’ve been drinking a lot…We are moving. We have a very well-stocked liquor cabinet. So, rather than packing it for our move, we decided it’s better to get rid of it. We offer bottles to visitors, family…and of course drinking it. We have been trying to polish off a bottle each night. Sometimes we are lucky and we will have bottles with only a finger or two left in them. Bottles of Bourbon, whiskey, or tequila I thought were so delectable that we wanted to save them for a special occasion or toast. They are now unceremoniously being consumed in my kitchen surrounded by cardboard boxes…often times straight from the bottle. “Hello, I am a drunk unemployed nurse.” My wife drags me by my feet across the linoleum floor to try to put me to bed. Meanwhile, I’m laughing hysterically while I record her struggle on my shaky cell phone. My dog…confused and happy licks my face while barking my wife.




Inkognito ERKELENZDAMM 11-13 10.999 BERLIN

TEL. ++49 (0)30-616 78 93-0 FAX 615 20 11


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Sent via postcrossing to liting_21.  She wanted a card that showed art...and wanted a profession...and something I was going to do that day.  I was more than happy to oblige...  Fiction can be fun.

Postcard #103: "Dress2impress"


“Dress 2 impress”
Craters of the Moon – Idaho

Lichen & Wood, Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve © 2008, Dave Clark Photographer

I am trying on clothes for work. New clothes. For the first couple of weeks at my new job I have to dress business casual. No jeans. No scrubs…which eliminates most of my wardrobe. I now find myself in multiple claustra phobic dressing rooms with full length mirrors asking myself “If I am dressing for the job I want, or the job I have?” This shirt must tell others “I must want the job of Lazy Jerkoff-Clinical Director.” These pants communicate “I seek the job of “Fat asshole.” These pleats must say I want to be Vice-President of Buffoonery.” -TM.

Craters of the Moon NM & PRES

JUN 02 2016

Arco, ID

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Sent Via postcrossing to IrinkaLaponka,  This user wanted watercolors.  I don't really have any watercolors.  So on my road trip I kept my eye open.  Well.  Let me tell you the National Park Service doesn't carry a lot of watercolor postcards either.  So when I saw this one I thought it was a painting at first.  But its actually lichen growing on a tree burned by volcanic activity.  I got it at Craters of the Moon NP.  I passport stamped it from the day of my visit.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Postcard #102: "Political #1" (Trump)


Postcard #102: "Political #1" (Trump)

“Political Card #1”

The U.S. government tests nuclear weapons 65 miles north of Las Vegas, on land stolen from the Western Shoshone. They desecrate this land with poisonous radiation, subsidence crates and the use of sacred ground for deadly militarism.

So Trump might become our next President. I don’t fear him as much as I fear what he could do to the supreme court. He further demonstrate just how broken we are as a society. I don’t think we will accomplish half the idiotic things he promises. He is a fool. But I think there’s a lot of fools in this country and he would be the crown prince of fools. He is a symptom of our greater illness. We are beyond preventative care…We are beyond the need for a pamphlet on the dangers of smoking from cough to persistent to “nagging.” We are now an emaciated figure standing in front of a mirror…our hand filled with bloody tissue freshly hacked up. We stare at the person in the mirror with blood stained lips struggling to recognize what has become of us.



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Sent Via Postcrossing to betteredthan.  This person asked for a political card.  This was one of the better political cards I have I suppose.  I decided to talk about Trump.  Because...well...politics.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Postcard #101: "Cryptocard"

Postcard #101: "Cryptocard"




Oregon – Bigfoot & Mountain

Lantern Press Original Poster

Image #68481

You would have really liked this trip. I

should have done this road trip sooner. But to

leave work for such an extended time…So

now I fear somehow I’m missing things

and I owe it to myself to see as much as I can.

“Come on Tom!” You’re saying to yourself with-

out a doubt. It’s impossible to see everything!

West, East, North, South. There’s too much! Perhaps

with immortality such a feat could be achieved. The

U.S. is a fantastic place…physically. SEE IT!

Much love.

Monmouth Medical Center

Attn: 4th Floor OR front desk

300 2nd Ave

Long Beach, NJ 07740

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Postcard #100: "Ladybug"

Postcard #100: "Ladybug"

MAY 30 2016


A user on Postcrossing sent me a bunch of adult swim related cards because her son works for William Street (I think) and she gets cards she is unwilling to mail to people. A few of them are questionable. Tim & Eric. Tom goes to the mayor. But I could not think of anyone better to receive this card and appreciate it. We are literally in the middle of America right now. Lebanon, KS. I am hoping for the sort of clarity one might expect being here on Memorial Day. Can’t wait to hang out again.

Tom & Samlee

Andrew & Patty

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Sent to my good friends Andrew and Patty.

This is another card that was sent from the center of the US.  It was so windy there I had to hold the cards to keep them from blowing off the chipped grey picnic table.  This was one of the awesome cards that I received from another Post-crossing member through a direct swap. 

Postcard #99: "0100 Hours"


Postcard #99: "0100 Hours"


0100 HOURS.

Countless bugs, insects

Cuts a swath from coast to coast

Grim Reapers windshield


So fucking tired

Awake, within creepy motel

Postcrossing Haikus


Palacio de Comunicaciones

Palace de Communications

Communications Palace



FISA I.G. – Palaudarias, 26 – Barcelona – Printed in Spain

Dep. Legal B. 8987-XXVII


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Sent via postcrossing to Foysalratul
I wrote this postcard while staying in a little hole in the wall motel in Arco, ID.  I wasn't feeling all that inspired at the time.  I had written a haiku earlier and I wanted to immortalize it somehow.  I distinctly remember looking back at the bed and seeing a sleeping Samlee and Dante in the bed and wishing I was in bed instead of trying to postcard.  I actually filled out an entire postcard then decided not to send it to this person because I just felt he would not enjoy the content or the image on the postcard.  I ought to just get in the habit of writing down stories and things on the backs of cards and just sending those out.  Like having a shoebox of completed postcards just waiting for addresses.  But I think that would somehow be cheating the sender out of the idea that I am writing the card for them.  Half the time I wonder if they would give a shit anyway. 

Postcard #98: "Center"

Postcard #98: "Center"





“Center” US-4040030

It’s Memorial Day. I am writing this in the middle of the United States. Lebanon, K.S. under a tiny pagoda with 2 picnic tables. I was hoping for some clarity or some sort of one-ness with America. I feel they ruined this place with “God.” They built a church/chapel here. There are three large crosses here. Big thick fence post arms. In the display case they have a wooden image of some saint. I wish they did not have to sully this place with religion. I am getting a real money changes/temple vibe except all this other Christian stuff needs to be tossed out. It’s just me, my wife and my dog. There is a long road east from here empty. It’s time to go.

©2015 – Printed in the U.S.A. – Item #46-02297

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Sent via postcrossing to jules6482

Postcard #97: "Open Road"

Postcard #97: "Open Road"




“Open Road” US-3990545


The picturesque beauty of the Oregon Coast

SPC-1145           Photo & Design © Smith-Western, Inc.

This will probably be one of the last postcards I write on the East Coast. Technically, I am homeless right now. Our NJ apartment is no more. Sam and I have said our goodbyes and those who wanted to say goodbye to us had their chance I suppose. On our way to Oregon…manifest destiny! I’m nervous. I’ve essentially landed a job…but no apartment. It’s a long drive and I have no idea when we will be in OR. Stayed with friends in Connecticut then a friend in Philadephia Pennsylvania. Tonight we will stay with an Uncle outside of Pittsburg, PA. Then Peoria, Illinois. Talking Heads – “Road to Nowhere” feels very accurate now a days. Tom

MIX Paper from responsible sources FSC* C001560



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Sent via postcrossing to Qiaoyan

Postcard #96: "Tourist Trap"

Postcard #96: "Tourist Trap"





I’ve never been here. I doubt I ever will. I’ve been to San Antonio. Recently I’ve been to Austin. World a mission be a place I’d seek out when visiting a big city. In Spain and France I visited cathedrals…I don’t think I am impressed that “thousands” visit. What are people seeking? What am I missing? Perhaps when you visit it you can tell me. -T.



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Sent Via postcrossing to EvaOlympia

Addendum: She replied to my postcard via email.

“Dear "T",
thank you very much for your interesting postcard with the awesome stamp!
In asking me about religion and its appeal you are barking at the wrong tree, but it's an interesting question.
I'm neither baptised nor religious in any way and I really can't understand what its fascination is.
Maybe life is easier if you think that there is someone devine who cares about you? I don't know. But life is certainly easier for Catholics, because they can confess their sins, even the worst, and with a little prayer or an Ave Maria and some donations everything is exculpated. What a hypocrisy!
What's your opinion?
Many greetings from Nuremberg, a Franconian metropolitan- city (population about 500.000) in the South of Germany, famous for its historical Christmas market "Christkindlesmarkt" (first established in the 1490ies) with its "Bratwurst und Elisenlebkuchen" (small grilled sausages and flour-free gingerbread), the Nazi parades and "Reichstage" during Germany's darkest ages and the Nuremberg Trials after WW II, the great artist Albrecht Dürer, Peter Henlein, the inventor of the pocket watch, many toy manufacturers (e.g. Playmobil) and the world's largest toy fair.
Today's temperature is about +24°C and it's quite sunny at the moment.
Have a good time, wishing you all the best for your quest,
 Eva Olympia.”