Saturday, March 20, 2021

Postcard #206: Boring

Sent via Postcrossing to culichi who had a pretty brilliant request.  She wanted only cards that I think are boring with the prompt asking me why I find it boring.  I should have written more.  I should have studied the card.  It looks kinda weird the more I look at it.  I focused on the church solely.  The parking lot it just a sea of grey.  What is up with that?  And a blue sky in Portland?  Come on.  What a fucking fabrication....all of it.  I should have sent her another boring pastoral church picture.  

Postcard 205: Ain't that a Fact?

 Sent via postcrossing to Annikazit.  I sent her one of my pecularium postcards.  She wanted a card from where I live and facts about my hometown.  Which begs the question...what do you consider your hometown?

Postcard #204: Matriarch


This stamp header is an AZO with four up arrows.  Its print date is likely between 1904 and 1918.  

Meemaw was so cross about this picture.  We took two of them.  At a great expense to her she told us over and over again.  In the first one she was angry we were all standing so close together.  Johnboy and Abby were actually holding hands! Meemaw said that was sinful and if they couldn't keep their lustful flesh apart perhaps they should just go and fornicate on the front porch like animals in heat or not be in the family picture at all.   Meemaw thought it was disrespectful that we stand with the rest of the grown-ups.  Then my sister and I got in trouble for getting grass stains on our communion dresses.  SHE TOLD US TO SIT IN THE GRASS! But poor Georgie.  Meemaw said he was smiling in BOTH pictures.  He said wasn't smiling and that was just how his mouth was.  His mouth is so small in the photo how could she see it?   But Meemaw knew he was.  She did not speak to him for weeks after she hung the photo.  Then, if she ever saw the picture hanging in the hallway before a family dinner she would not speak to him at all during the meal.  This went on for years until Meemaw passed away.  Georgie admitted to me secretly that he was smiling in that picture at her wake.  We both laughed with tears in our eyes.  

Sent via Postcrossing to j_daine. She wanted writing.  I honestly was pretty set on sending this to someone I knew would appreciate it instead of someone who I HOPED would appreciate it.  So.  We will see I guess.   It's still a card that was mailed at least 100 years from its print date.  Fucking amazing.  I put it in a an envelope because it would break my heart if it was lost or broken in half since it is so dry an old.  

On a separate note its is the first postcard I am putting up on my newly minted Instagram account...So Again. we will see.  Maybe I will have people on Instagram who will direct message me for postcards.  That might be neat.  

Postcard #203: Come Visit!


Sent via Postcrossing to asspirantus.  Did not give me a whole lot of guidance on what he wanted.  People seem to love I found some stickers while working at a vaccine clinic out here.  

Sunday, February 7, 2021


Yeah, not much has happened since the last interlude but I still feel like I need to post something. 

 I actually got a homemade card that I could post on my blog where it would make sense.

So I received via Postcrossing from sallymo.  Hats off to her for managing to create homemade cards that are probably are not thrown in a rubbish bin by all the people who write "NO HOMEMADE CARDS" in their profiles. 

I actually wrote to Postcrossing to ask them when the first instance of "No Homemade" or "No Ad cards" first appeared on someone's profile.  I also asked what country what the person from.  If I knew they would tell me I would take bets on which country said it first.  I have my iDEas what country might have said it first.  [glares in postcrossing].  But how long had Postcrossing been running before the first INSTANCE of someone making a card request that denied certain types of cards like homemade or adcards?  The inception?  Weeks?  Months?  I am curious.  

As mentioned in a previous interlude, I have been going through my old posts and transcribing them so that can be cut and pasted as text.  Originally I did not want to even post the backs of the cards.  I felt like it was supposed to be something private and secret between me and the receiver.  But I kiboshed that pretty quick.  Because. Why?  What is the point of that?  Who wants to look at a bunch of postcard images without the backs?

Occasionally since then, I have had a few that I have not posted the reverse side only because I realized it was more of a first draft that I wanted to re-do for a future card.

Then I shifted to concern that people might stealing my writing.  But I realized, how will anything of mine get stolen if no one is reading it in the first place?  I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.    If I don't have the writing up why would people want to come to my blog anyway?  To look at the images of postcards?  They can do that on Ebay.  It would break my heart that people were MORE interested in the pictures than what I was writing.   I could accept that people were AS interested in the pictures than my writing. 

So I started to transcript the text...but I have a couple of years' worth of cards to do.  It sounds like it's a lot but I probably only did 50 or so cards a year.  I have gone back as far as 2016 or so. The idea was so that people could take the text and enter it into a translator.  I've had a few people write in their native language...but they did so in a cursive script which text grab does not work too well when pulling data.  I am sure the same bodes for my crappy handwriting.  

But the act of going back and pulling the stuff out of the cards is tedious and time-consuming and I became frequently annoyed with myself because of how long it took.  I could be actually writing cards.  Another issue is that this process is typically done on my desktop and with my 3-year-old...I can not accomplish much on it between the hours of 6am and 7am before she realizes I am no longer in bed.  I am on the computer and SHE TOO WANTS TO BE ON THE COMPUTER RIGHT NOW SITTING IN MY LAP AND SNEAKING TAPS ON THE KEYBOARD WHILE I AM ACTIVELY TYPING.  My hobby became frustrating and something I do not want to do.  

I had the brilliant idea to contact Fiverr.  And pay an awesome someone to transcribe the postcards...leave the transcriptions as comments...and I would simply move the comments into my blog later.  Depending on how this works out I might simply not transcribe any of the future ones. Hopefully actively "hobbying"...will be creating new cards and writing new things.  So right now...I have "hired" jjwood687 to do the work I am too lazy and distracted to do myself.  So in the coming weeks, I hope to have all the past cards punched up. Then I will get these posts up more regularly since I won't have to agonize over the transcriptions and stuff.  

I really hope this works out. 

Postcard #202: Morning in America




01/21/21 - Portland OR.  It's Fuckin raining.  44 F

Well after an armed insurrection attempt five dead people, a final tally of 400k covid deaths could we finally have a new president. Republicans want to find I am so god damned sick of being the ones who have to capitulate when outraged which is the problem nothing really outrages them. Nothing tangible. "Rights" "Religion." We have to always move on when something tragic happens. "What could have been done?" "This was a single, lone event." No. I am done. I want people held [accountable] for their actions. How we could not collectively called Q-Anon fucking assholes.  We could not collectively call white supremacists fucking dirtbag shitheads.  I want to ask how we got here...but we have always been here. -TM

Sent via Postcrossing to anicka22.  Probably one of my favorite profiles so far.  Completely blank.  The only way it could have been better would have been for them to have written one word in the profile so that it would appear that they did not simply overlook it.  I got this postcard in Spain.  I've had it for several years and from the looks of it someone else had it before me on display.  

I was obviously angry here.  I really suck at first draft postcarding.  I left out words.  I left out grammar and punctuation.  I was a lazy bastard for this card and it shows.  

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Postcard #201: Special Delivery


Portland, OR,


44 It's friggen raining

but at least it's not snowing

I pulled up to the house pretty much the same time as my wife did. I pulled to give her room to pull her car into the driveway.  Looking towards the road I saw a plastic white garbage bag. The sort I have in my own kitchen with red drawstrings.  I parked my car and walked to the mailbox. Junk mail flyers. (But I did get one postcrossing card!) I figured I could use the junkmail to go and pick up the trash. As I got closer I noticed the bag was nearly empty... but there was something in the bag. Black. It stuck to the inside of bag and it carried enough mass that the wind did not move it. I picked it up. It was soft, wet. And started to move it to my garbage cans, my left hand like a tight pincer holding the bag within the protective burger king coupons as I crossed the yard. I smelled something foul. A smell known all too well from life... and work, I almost did want to recognize it. Once I admitted that I know the smell I knew it would make me gag. I then thought about how it does not make me gag at work when my patients... poop... shit Tom. It's Human feces. Human SHIT You ARE HOLDING HUMAN SHIT! I started to gag and wretch.  I still smell it every time I have to burp the garbage can.  Honestly, I smell it even when I look at the can. - TM


Sent via Postcrossing to Drey01.  Did not give me a whole lot of guidance no homemade or Ad cards. I really would like to send an ad card to the first person to ever put that in a profile.  I wonder if I could write to Postcrossing and ask them to look at their records to see when the first time "NO AD CARD" was placed in someone's profile.  

I am pretty late getting these up.  They are already arriving at their sites.  And I already have another interlude post coming.  

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Postcard #200: GME Thingamajig...

Jan 24, 2021



Nobody ever asks for ad cards. Here is one of mine I am not sure how long I have had it.  It's copywritten 1999.   It's Sunday, I have to go to work tomorrow like most people. I kind of want to call in sick for stupid reasons...I invested money in GameStop over the past few weeks. It's rumored that it is going to be hit by a major short squeeze over the coming days/weeks. I am existing in a state of nil-loss right now. Like Schrödinger's cat. The money is sort of down now. I have not lost anything. I don't know if it will make money and with work...I will not be able to check my phone for updates. I will have to work in a state where I could have made money or lost much of it.  I don't think I wanted to make dumb levels of money.  I heard that investors were betting on the failure of GameStop and that feels like a shitty thing to do.  I heard of an opportunity to catch a bunch of wealthy people doing something dumb with a lot of money and I wanted to be apart of history.  Fucking money-making assholes making stupid levels of money....while I work taking care of people with covid?  Seriously.  WTF? Then trying to bankrupt a videogame store that I am fond of? - TM.

I should probably start by saying my first ever disclaimer:  I AM NOT SOMEONE YOU SHOULD TAKE INVESTMENT ADVICE FROM...I am an amateur investor and I mess around with some extra money I make with extra shifts.  I think the stock market is a big gamble and I am investing in companies I believe in...That being said...

Sent via postcrossing to alexaufdembetzenberg.  He wanted an AD card.  I don't much care for scots whisky.  I even stuck a little sticker on it too.  He wrote back...kinda weird reply:


Alexander wrote you a message:

“Cheers for your card. That GameStop thingmajig didn't end too well, did it?

Best Wishes and Stay Healthy!”

Which just sort of feels like a weird reply.  Like...people playing long stocks on GME have already lost?  Maybe Alexander works in finance?  Maybe he is a short-seller? Maybe he hates GameStop?  I don't think the GameStop thingAmajig has ended yet.  Until they pry the stock out of my cold fucking dead diamond hands, right?  I like the stock.  I like the message it sends.  I like GameStop.  And I fucking hate corporate greed. 

His reply... It soooooort of reads like: gloating? But being married to someone for all intents and purposes is from Europe.  I know I am sometimes too sensitive to subtle things from non-americans.  Like getting a False-Positive uhh Negative?  I want to say something is getting lost in translation.  

Postcrossing says of the 111 cards I have received...19 of them are from Germans.  So if I have three piles of postcards that I can say are positive, neutral, or negative... I think am going to file this one under a negative experience. So of all my negative experiences, I have had through Postcrossing of which I count 3.  Two of them are German.  I just need a few more data points.  

I need to start filing my positive experiences.  Maybe that is what I am going to do from now.  I am going to start favoriting cards based on the experience I had in receiving or sending them not based on if I like the postcard image they sent.  It will make my wall a bit confusing.  Oh well.

Let me close by saying if you are reading this and do not want to get involved in the stock market or anything...go here...and become a proplayer.  Stick your finger in some hedge-funders eye.

Postcard #199: Pen-nsylvania...


* US-7292678

Portland, OR 39% Rainy.

This Space For Writing Messages

I bought a bunch of Sharpie S. Gel pens. I'll be honest I saw a reaction video to them. And I bought in... They suck. Here is my struggling .038 s...-s Gel pen. What a joke! Pigma Micron! All the way! Anyway, I saw you live in Phill.  My wife and I got married in Philly. It was called Romano's.  Now it's The Felt Factory. Sounds better IMO. Like the called Electric Factory.     My wife and I stood in the fountain in the lobby for pictures.  I think we broke it. Because it leaked downstairs where the reception was.  Oh Well. YOLO! -TM

Sent via Postcrossing to CelesteDolores.  She wrote back! 


Celeste wrote you a message:

“Thanks for the postcard. I've never seen that post office in Philly, but then I live "downtown" in Center City. I'm wondering where it was. I had to look on the map to find the Felt Factory--in North Philadelphia. The Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker is good for postcards. I also bought the Sharpie gel pens but not to use on postcards. I think I used them up already. Interest idea the "Vault."”

Postcard #198: "It's All Your Fault"

 The front reads "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT."

I've only given about 100 vaccines and for the & most part those I've vaccinated are pretty excited about it. I have had conversations with people reluctant with getting it though. I think part of the problem is the foundation for explaining the vaccine to people. Too many people liken this vaccine to something out of a horror movie or apocalypse movie instead of its true genre relation. That of science fiction, this vaccine is an incredible feat of Science. A virus, our bodies have not really combated before... getting tagged" by a protein taught to our immune system... so that our body can identify the interlopers. It is something out of god damned Star Trek and it's fucking amazing and should be respected and admired. Not likened to walking dead. T.M.

This was sent via Postcrossing to afcbird1.  I've had this card for a while.  It was one of my personal favorites.  The look on her face is just awesome.  Like "you're goddamned right it's all my fault!" And I guess I wanted to make sure it would go to someone who would appreciate it.  But doing that is hard.  Assuming appreciation.  She gave off a progressive vibe and wanted COVID cards.  I did not even think such a thing existed.  She has not logged on in 4 days.  So right now in my head... it exists in a quantum state that she liked it AND thought it was just another card she got from Postcrossing.  And if you are reading this...don't act like you don't get card that you are completely unimpressed with.  Eh.  I need sleep.  Or coffee.