Saturday, January 28, 2017

Postcard #146: "Townie"

Sent via postcrossing to magenta0810.  I felt like writing a bar story.  I felt like writing something NOT depressing.  So, this one came to mind.  True story.
I don't know why the bartender was taking so long to cash us out.  My cousin was standing next to his barstool patting down his pockets looking for his keys.  The woman townie which had been talking to me all night tapped on my shoulder again. "So if you aren't going to come home with me can I at least get a hug?" She asks. I could not see the harm in letting this enormous (not fat, just large) mostly toothed woman hug me.  Until she started to lick my neck.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Postcard #145: "Happy Holidays (Part 1)"

Sent via postcrossing to niek1963.  Who did not really care what sort of postcard they received.

True Fucking Story.  I wish it weren't.
It was cold and damp when I left work at 6pm.  AS I approached my car I thought I had left my windows down.  How could I?  Windows down, in rainy downtown portland for 11 hours?!? So stupid! My doors were unlocked everything of value was gone. I realized I did not leave them unlocked or my windows down... someone broke in...well not broke...forced themselves in by forcing my windows down to unlock my doors.  They took credit cards, money, old ipods, a butterfly knife that I had bought in Spain.  I was in disbelief as I filed the police report and report with hospital security. I felt an array of emotions. Angry at the person who did it.  Upset that what I thought was safe...was not. Happy they did not break my windows or get into my locked glove box...or steal the car. Confused how it happened.  I was I was not so weak that it made me hate desperate people. 
- TM

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Postcard #144: "New Years Resolutions"

Sent via postcrossing to KaT-85 who likes dolls apparently and wanted ticket stubs. So I've had this card for a few years since my last trip to Spain.  When I got it I had every intention of writing a story about creepy dolls.  But since getting it I have noticed I have a few creepy doll postcards and it's not like I could not find a creepier card.  I needed to write down my post to make my resolutions a reality.  I have to leave to go to the gym (2nd time this week).  

I have also deleted the Facebook app and messenger.  I have to admit my stress level has been dropping since doing so.  I don't go on nearly as much.  Though I have noticed that I have been going on quite a bit today since it's my day off.  Sure enough, there are so many fucking idiots on Facebook that just infuriate me.  [insert long rant that I just typed up about a couple of the brands of fucking idiots that I deleted when I realized it only tangentially related to this postcard.]  

If you truly want to witness how neurotic I have become right now, the act of me reading that last paragraph had made me hate myself a little more.  Part of me wants to change "so many fucking idiots" to "a bunch of phonies" just to aid in my evolution to someone I hate.  

Perhaps that lends to a 7th resolution.  "Tom, just keep your fucking mouth shut."  Perhaps even an 8th resolution...get Sam to change my password so I can not log into it anymore.  

Like many people I routinely fail in making/completing new Years Resolutions. Two Year ago I practically made a manifesto...and failed. "Lose Weight." "Write a novel." "Get healthy." This year I have switched to fairly attainable goals that are so simple to complete but will create a decent foundation for anything else.  
1) Go to the Gym 2-3 times a week for a half hour. 2) write a postcard once a week.  3) Delete Facebook app/messenger.  No more FB at work or on breaks. 4) Read a half hour each day. 5) Cut the work fuck, fucking, fucked, from my spoken words. 6) Visit Mom, dad, grandma. -T.M.