Saturday, March 20, 2021

Postcard #204: Matriarch


This stamp header is an AZO with four up arrows.  Its print date is likely between 1904 and 1918.  

Meemaw was so cross about this picture.  We took two of them.  At a great expense to her she told us over and over again.  In the first one she was angry we were all standing so close together.  Johnboy and Abby were actually holding hands! Meemaw said that was sinful and if they couldn't keep their lustful flesh apart perhaps they should just go and fornicate on the front porch like animals in heat or not be in the family picture at all.   Meemaw thought it was disrespectful that we stand with the rest of the grown-ups.  Then my sister and I got in trouble for getting grass stains on our communion dresses.  SHE TOLD US TO SIT IN THE GRASS! But poor Georgie.  Meemaw said he was smiling in BOTH pictures.  He said wasn't smiling and that was just how his mouth was.  His mouth is so small in the photo how could she see it?   But Meemaw knew he was.  She did not speak to him for weeks after she hung the photo.  Then, if she ever saw the picture hanging in the hallway before a family dinner she would not speak to him at all during the meal.  This went on for years until Meemaw passed away.  Georgie admitted to me secretly that he was smiling in that picture at her wake.  We both laughed with tears in our eyes.  

Sent via Postcrossing to j_daine. She wanted writing.  I honestly was pretty set on sending this to someone I knew would appreciate it instead of someone who I HOPED would appreciate it.  So.  We will see I guess.   It's still a card that was mailed at least 100 years from its print date.  Fucking amazing.  I put it in a an envelope because it would break my heart if it was lost or broken in half since it is so dry an old.  

On a separate note its is the first postcard I am putting up on my newly minted Instagram account...So Again. we will see.  Maybe I will have people on Instagram who will direct message me for postcards.  That might be neat.  

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