Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Postcard #144: "New Years Resolutions"

Sent via postcrossing to KaT-85 who likes dolls apparently and wanted ticket stubs. So I've had this card for a few years since my last trip to Spain.  When I got it I had every intention of writing a story about creepy dolls.  But since getting it I have noticed I have a few creepy doll postcards and its not like I could not find a creepier card.  I needed to write down my post to make my resolutions a reality.  I have to leave to go to the gym (2nd time this week).  

I have also deleted the Facebook app and messenger.  I have to admit my stress level has been dropping since doing so.  I don't go on nearly as much.  Though I have noticed that I have been going on quite a bit today since its my day off.  Sure enough there are so many fucking idiots on Facebook that just infuriate me.  [insert long rant that I just typed up about a couple of the brands of fucking idiots that I deleted when I realized it only tangentially related to this postcard.]  

If you truly want to witness how neurotic I have become right now, the act of me reading that last paragraph had made me hate myself a little more.  Part of me wants to change "so many fucking idiots" to "a bunch of phonies" just to aid in my evolution to someone I hate.  

Perhaps that lends to a 7th resolution.  "Tom, just keep your fucking mouth shut."  Perhaps even an 8th resolution...get Sam to change my password so I can not log into it anymore.  

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