Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Postcard #1: Virgin

This is my first mailed postcard.  I want to try something new.  Something that will transcend Facebook.  A service that over the past 3-4 months has really started to depress me.  People upset me.  And I am afraid that I inflict the same sort of annoyance or boredom on other people when I post.   I have tried to teach myself that things said on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt.  But...what if it's peoples lives?  My life?
I would seriously delete Facebook if it wasn't for two things.  1) My wife wants me to remain on it and 2) so many other services and contacts are woven into it that it makes it impossible to separate the two.
I sent this one to my friend Jen Kirby.  My first postcard of my new project.  The reverse side of it is of a personal nature so I am not going to post it.  Which I am sure will not be the last time.  But I am hoping it will encourage some correspondence while at the same time encouraging me to write more.
If you would like to recieve a post card.  I will need your address. me in some way.


  1. ME FIRST! Yes. I agree you should write more, and (unlike me) Facebook less. And boy let me tell you, if you other readers thought the front of this card was naughty, you should see the back! Thanks for the postcard and the inclusion in this, I approve of all of it! But a funny way..your experiment with opening communication has forced me to post a comment using this account for which I deny any communication with. So looks like it will be snail mail for us ;)