Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post Card #3: F- You Maybe-man

Flavor Text
About twelve miles west of Salt Lake City is the greatest water wonder in all the world--the Great Salt Lake. It has no outlet, is opaline green in color, and averages 22 percent salt-almost to saturation. The water is ideal for bathing--you "float like a cork" and come out' refreshed, invigorated, and hungry.

"F-u you Maybe-Man" 
I was coming into work when the elevator doors opened. Inside was a doughy faced, tan scrubs wearing ER tech with a heavy-duty cart. Looking at him I knew I saw him the previous weekend doing errands. (wedding gift Shopping #eww) "I think I saw you this weekend." "Maybe" "Was it Pet Smart?" "Maybe." "Target?" "Maybe." he said pushing his cart over the threshold.  "You have a familiar face." "Maybe." I am embarrassed now. Like the time freshman year of college, I saw Jeffry Plumb (a guy I was friends with in Middle school) in line at the movies. He did not remember me. I did. He made me feel stupid for remembering, a face. The doors closed. I pressed (4) and sighed "Maybe Man" had farted in the elevator. I rode to work ashamed in his farts. T.M.

1/9/21 Revisit
I sent this card to a friend and coworker Linda Derosa.

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