Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post Card #2: "Mouthwash"


"Mouth Wash"
My wife and I had to run errands. She came out of the bathroom smelling
like Scope, Leaving the bedroom she asked if I was coming...
Of course, I was not ready. I was playing video games... and I still had to pee. I quickly ran into the bathroom and as I was peeing there was a small travel-sized bottle of purple scope on the sink.  
Not wanting to be the only one in the car with foul breath. I opened the bottle and emptied what was left into my mouth.  
A split second of swishing later I realize it is not Scope.
I was peeing, penis in hand, with a mouthful of acetone. I spat it back into the toilet... dripping cool evaporating nail polish remover on my penis and hands as my mouth watered and coughed.

1/9/21 Revisit
I sent this to my friend Paul Pearce. We are still friends.  We send weird videos (mostly music) back and forth to one another. 

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