Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I tried posting cards 41 and 42 on this trip.  Things were going great.  Photographing the images and uploading them. Then there was some change to google photos and the blogger app and nothing worked right ever again.  The photos would not upload or the photos wouldn't sync with the actual blog entry.  I would not get images of the postcards on the actual entry.
I kept writing.
I kept sending them out.
I forgot where I sent most of them.  Sorry.  If you see an entry and want to comment that you received that postcard that would be awesome.

I even started running out of addresses that I brought with me (since they were all written on mailing labels) so I joined a website called post-crossing where people trade postcards from all over the world. Which I think corresponds more with more of what I want to do with this blog adventure.  Effect people to take part in a dying art.  But, if you want a could always send me one.

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