Friday, August 5, 2016

Postcard #113: "Precious Moments"

Sent via Postcrossing to gloria_girl who wanted something cute.

Postcard #113: "Precious Moments"


from me to you

Air Mail




I think worry I write too many depressing things on those postcards. While it's nice to share maybe people who are receiving my cards probably don’t want to read my drivel especially if it’s depressing.

I won 8 dollars last week in a lotto drawing.

I finished building my new desk.

OH! I mailed this postcard which is well over 20 days old. Sorry about that. But what does it matter you haven’t been on Postcrossing for 25 days…we are both derelict…


Precious Moments

The adorable characters in the Precious Moments Collection are created by artist Sam Butcher. Through the innocent eyes and angelic faces of his Precious Moments children, Sam is able to share his faith and love with people all over the world.

©Copyright 1990, Samuel J. Butcher Co.

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