Saturday, September 3, 2016

Postcard #124: "Happy Postcrossing!"


New Card:
Grand Circle
#19224 Petrified Forest National Park
Light revels gold, red and other hues on these logs at Petrified Forest National Park

I really dislike this card. I am sending it to you to give it a second chance at life. Like rescuing a dog scheduled for euthanasia at an animal shelter. Happy Postcrossing "Heart" name This is the single most worst card I've received. Worse than not even sending a card. It's a waste of their time. My time. The postal service. Postcrossing. It's shit. The best explanation I have is that they do not speak any languages.
They are practicing writing Happy Postcrossing or someone wants to send out as many postcards as possible so they can receive as many postcards as possible.  . Maybe they are traveling through the postcards they receive. I don't know.  I am sure they are not bad people just infinitely boring or selfish. My reasons for writing are not free from selfishness. I just want people to dig a little deeper. I've only gotten Happy Postcrossing from Americans. Maybe they think they are being ironic? It might be if they weren't preceded by a half dozen other people thinking THEY were being ironic.  You can literally say ANYTHING under some degree of anonymity.  Call me an asshole.  Tell me what you thought about in traffic or on the toilet today.  The last song you got stuck in your head.  Your favorite meal. Your favorite book, movie, word (mine is vehicular) You can even tell me in your native tongue or broken English.  I don't care.  I want depth. Connection beyond "Happy Postcrossing!" Because... is it? Is it happy? It's nothing without the people sending it. They are junk mailers. Advertisements for tourism. Anyway HAPPY POSTCROSSING!

Printed in Korea. Purchased in Arizona.
Moved to Florida, Mailed to Oregon. Mailed
to you in the Czech Republic.

I realize that some people might need this translated.  And I think this might actually be the first time I have ever posted someone else's postcard on my blog.  I example must be made.  

Sent via Postcrossing to Danusse.  She did not have a whole lot of requests.  She did mention she wanted a card with Johnny Depp.  I don't have any of those.  I don't think I have any pirate ship ones.  All my Disney ones are before Disney made the films...though if I ever find a Pirates of the Caribbean amusement park ride postcard (which would be friggen awesome) I will be sure to link her to the image.
I was a pretty big asshole here.  I think it is supposed to be uncouth or rude to resend people's cards.  I think the worry is that it would be insulting to the person sending it.  That they took the time to send me something and I sort of sully it by sending it back out.  But in a world in which ad-cards exist and "fake" vintage cards, I allowed myself this breach of etiquette.  I also allowed myself the hubris to believe that improved the card.  This card was granted multiple lives!  How many reincarnations before it finds enlightenment?

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