Friday, September 30, 2016

Postcard #128: "Dubs"

Postcard #128: “Dubs”


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Plaza Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol Square

Place Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol Platz

At 8yrs old I had but only a finite grasp of money. I understood coins were less than paper and the paper was something I could use to get things. And I could get the paper by doing chores. To further complicate this I did not understand (and in many ways, I still do not) the subtle differences between wants versus needs. Nowhere else was this concept more hard-pressed than while standing before the magical sliding glass window of the ice cream truck that would visit the park my friends and I played. Faced with the dilemma of needing both toys and tasty treats my friend and I devised a plan to get more of this special paper. We scanned and printed one side of a $20 bill. Arguably the side with the portrait of Andrew Jackson was the most important side. My friend and I were not greedy. We each ordered one slushy. Large. When we handed him our money there was a moment I wondered why we did not do this sooner? It was easier than mowing the lawns. But during this moment the ice cream man felt the “money,” looked at it and flipped it over then flipped out at us. I did not understand why or what counterfeit was or what felony was…He tore it up and threw it out the window. No slushies. I ran home crying. Money still does this to me.


Transcribed by jjwood687 on Fiverr.

Sent via postcrossing to RailiH.  Not much to say...except I have never in my life scanned and printed money.  Ever.  I found this near the park and I came up with a story.  At least, that is what I am going to tell the police when I am arrested.

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