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Postcard #129: "TMBNE"

Postcard #129: “TMBNE”

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Portland, Oregon

Maintained by the Japanese Garden Society of Oregon, the garden is resplendent in imported authentic Japanese artifacts. All of the shrubs, plants, and trees seen here are also native to Japan. A garden of serene beauty situated in the West Hills of Portland.



Sep 08 2016


Adult 2.5 Hours

1 found $2.50 09/08/16

Merch: 174037600999

2562 Auth. 51174


Monmouth Mall #2234


2:15pm Mon 7/30/2012

AD2MAT $9.00

Tax $0.59

2           PG13

0           0089265101530003

STATION: 0087/30/2012  1:47pm




Back when I was more single and more regularly depressed, I bought two tickets to see “They Might Be Giants” play a New Years' eve show in Brooklyn. I bought the tickets months in advance with the idea it would give me the courage to ask someone out to use the other ticket. I asked someone they said they were busy…and that was depressing enough not to bother trying to ask other people. I decided to go to the show…maybe I will meet someone on the way. Someone outside the show. We will get to talking. Hit it off…kismet! And we have a cute story to tell our friends about how we met. I met no one. I handed my extra ticket to the bouncer and said let someone in for free. I enjoyed the show but it was sad. No one to share the music with. I awkwardly stood there while people kissed at midnight. I gladly left at the end of the show. I could still make it out of the city if I hurried. On the subway train home when the train reached the tunnel going under the east river the conductor really pushed down the throttle we bounced and rocked violently all the way for a few miles. People on the train struggled to stay in their seats. By the time the train stopped the car was full of vomit and smelled of future New Year’s resolutions.

(cut here)         -TM


I don’t know where all my movie ticket stubs are packed. We recently moved. This is the one I just happened to find in my desk. Here is a train pass from Portland’s ticket system. $2.50 can get you anywhere. Feel free to rip this off and reuse the card. Let me know if you do.

Transcribed by jjwood687 on Fiverr.

Sent via Postcrossing to DorisRen.  She had an interesting request that she get a train ticket and a movie ticket from my country.  So, that pretty much guided the whole exchange.  I found an old ticket from each and created a pocket on the card.  International postage stamps are pretty much all the same...postcard or letter.  God bless America.  I originally wrote two stories.  But the first one was really sexual and I did not glean anything from her profile to make me think she would be amused by getting a raunchy story from me.  So the story goes in the notebook for later use.
I sort of wish I sent her a different movie ticket.  I have a bunch of them packed away somewhere but this was the only one I could find.  I have movie tickets going all the way back to high school.  Which sort of blows my mind just typing that.

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