Sunday, February 5, 2017

Postcard #147: "Dead To Me"

Sent to Bill S.
Front text: 16745 Looking East From Vista House - Columbia River Highway, Ore.

Back Text:
This is where I had my revelation that New Jersey was dead to me.  The expanse and power of the wind being pulled from the Gorge.  The are only a few things in my memories that leave me speechless...all of which require a considerable drive to observe. There is nearly nothing in New Jersey that is as humbling as this...with the stark exception of one thing. Hurricane Sandy.  That was so utterly incredible and devastating simultaneously.  To witness first hand the power of a world I could no longer say I shared.  I just happen to live in it.  So it certainly begs to ask if Oregon possesses so much beauty that exists as a sort of present "potential" energy to be observed.  What is Oregon capable of when it wants to show me it's "Sandy" level of humility or active "kinetic" energy?



  1. Thank you Tom for your musing. I think I'll keep this card on the wall in the office has a 1950's look to it. Yes, I guess there is always the "potential" for upheaval and calamity in the world. I'll take my chances from the natural world. The ones from the world of humanity are the ones that scare me more...

    1. After mailing this card...I wondered if it was too dark. So. I think you might have another one coming soon. A little more upbeat hopefully.