Sunday, February 5, 2017

Postcard #148: "Tina"

Sent a reply to Tina.  I realized in two sentences that even though this card had magazine style backing to it if I were to keep using the sharpie pen I was using I was not going to complete the entire card.  I had to use my normal pen and just hope the ink will not smudge.  Luckily it worked.  I hope the postal service is not going to challenge just how water proof the ink is...

I liked the piece so much I bought 2 postcards of it when I was in Salamanca.  I have alot of postcards at this point.  Some better than others.  I have quite a few that are "mine".  I try to send those to people who I think have the remotest chance or appreciating or being enamored the same way I was when I got the card at the giftshop.  I've learned its all subjective...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and half the time people don't even realize what they like just what they are supposed to like. I try to get people the cards they ask for on postcrossing ...some what collections or certain types of cards... many people just do not want certain cards Ad cards, "multiview" cards, or oversized cards or "Homemade" cards.  I am on the fence about that but I will reserve my opinions to a homemade card.  Even know I as I draw to a close I wonder if I missed the point of what you wanted in a postcard I am not sure if this was personal enough even though I was writing this for you.  As you can see sometimes I underestimate and over estimate the space on my cards all the time.  - Tom
PS.  Loved your card.  Will be in FL in April perhaps we can meet up for dinner?"

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