Saturday, February 6, 2021

Postcard #201: Special Delivery


Portland, OR,


44 It's friggen raining

but at least it's not snowing

I pulled up to the house pretty much the same time as my wife did. I pulled to give her room to pull her car into the driveway.  Looking towards the road I saw a plastic white garbage bag. The sort I have in my own kitchen with red drawstrings.  I parked my car and walked to the mailbox. Junk mail flyers. (But I did get one postcrossing card!) I figured I could use the junkmail to go and pick up the trash. As I got closer I noticed the bag was nearly empty... but there was something in the bag. Black. It stuck to the inside of bag and it carried enough mass that the wind did not move it. I picked it up. It was soft, wet. And started to move it to my garbage cans, my left hand like a tight pincer holding the bag within the protective burger king coupons as I crossed the yard. I smelled something foul. A smell known all too well from life... and work, I almost did want to recognize it. Once I admitted that I know the smell I knew it would make me gag. I then thought about how it does not make me gag at work when my patients... poop... shit Tom. It's Human feces. Human SHIT You ARE HOLDING HUMAN SHIT! I started to gag and wretch.  I still smell it every time I have to burp the garbage can.  Honestly, I smell it even when I look at the can. - TM


Sent via Postcrossing to Drey01.  Did not give me a whole lot of guidance no homemade or Ad cards. I really would like to send an ad card to the first person to ever put that in a profile.  I wonder if I could write to Postcrossing and ask them to look at their records to see when the first time "NO AD CARD" was placed in someone's profile.  

I am pretty late getting these up.  They are already arriving at their sites.  And I already have another interlude post coming.  

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