Friday, March 18, 2016

Postcard #83: Fasting

Sent via postcrossing: hhayleytan

So.  I bought some story cubes to add a new level of difficulty to postcard writing.  Thing was I had a whole boat load of them.  So I picked up a 20 sided die at Red Castle Games near me and invented a new game.  Roll all the dice.  But what ever the 20 sided dice reads is how many story dice cubes I have to incorporate.  This is LITERALLY the first roll I ever did.
 A one.  So I stared at the dice.  Which ONE die?  It was almost even harder than I imagined.  Each die spawned its own story. I almost regret moving them into that straight line because I wish I could have seen what that arrow was pointing at when it landed.  It's like consulting bones or reading tea leaves.  I  remember when I saw the magic wand I first thought it was a cigarette.  Cigarette I have any stories involving cigarettes?  And that spawned the above story I wrote.  A true story I might add.  I was fasting, hanging out at jersey diner with a good friend of mine.  And the woman let her guard down and casually admitted she might have been a closet racist.  It also helped that this Haley Tan person who will hopefully be receiving the card asked for local favorite foods...a greeting in my native language...and a suggestion where she should go if she ever visited.  Anyone visiting NJ...should probably find a hole in the wall NJ diner and have a cup of coffee.  

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