Sunday, March 27, 2016

Postcard #87: Crank

Postcard #87: Crank




Montanejos       03/15/16

Campana de Maimona

In 8-9th grade I had a job working for my godfather. I would ride my bike to and from work everyday through the parking lot of my old high school. My diagonal shortcut required me to…recklessly cut through numerous parking curbs in the lot. One evening I caught my back wheel on one of these curbs and flew over my handlebars. I landed on my forearm. I rode home…one-handed. I could move my arm, but it hurt. To stave off a visit from social services my father and I decided to get an x-ray. At Mercy hospital ER…I was triaged and told to wait. Presumably, the back of the line…Only in Miami would the emergency room waiting room have a patio area for smokers. Eventually, a woman poked her head on the patio. “Jack Meehoff?” She asked with a Cuban accent. My father and I looked quizzically. “Jack?” She asked again. We needed her to say the whole name. “Jack? Jack Meehoff?” my father and I shook our heads, stifling our laughter until she disappeared back inside the whole patio laughed. I wonder if she ever found him or what the reason was for his visit.

*Should be read “needlessly”

V-309-07 (Registrado en la propiedad intellectual)

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