Sunday, November 6, 2016

Postcard #141: "Cold #10 (Final)"

Original Card:
Stamp: "Franklin" Green Scott #300.  United States Postage Stamp 1¢
Original Postmark: Douglass, Kansas. Mar 9 (?) 5 pm 1906 (assumed)
Addressed to: Miss Amy (?) Burk of St Johns ore

I am at town now. 
I got the postal card you sent me.  
good by [sic]
Sent via postcrossing to PackerBacker2.  This is my first direct swap.  Normally I don't think I would do this...but who knows maybe the direct swap thing is better.  People who are interesting in receiving interesting things rather than fulfilling a collection or getting peoples names or not appearing UNFRIENDLY.
So here is the finale of the Cold series.  I suppose I should type it all up so it is in one flowing story that could be read.  I don't think I will do that today.  I will come back to this entry and amend it with the completed written version of it.
Dat postcard tho. I found it at a recent estate sale.  So fucking haunting.  A beautiful degree of damage and weathering.  It's so perfect for the series.  I love it and I was so happy that I was able to put something great on it and send it on another trip.  The card is over 100 years old.  Which just blows my goddamned mind.

Yes, that is my address if you are reading and would like to send me something or start a correspondence.

Cold Series:
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