Monday, October 4, 2021

Postcard #209: Relics

A very good friend of my wife and I's went through a pretty crummy divorce mid pandemic. I guess all divorces are pretty crummy regardless of how you slice it. But I remember were talking to my father about it. My parents divorced maybe 7 years ago. My father listened, offered advice. He eventually offered one lesson to me, in particular, he told me… don't get too close. He explained that when the dust settles from this divorce she is going to see you as a relic of her past. When she talks to you you will be a reminder of her past life. TWO parts.  You will remind her of the time she spent with her ex-husband and you will remind her of the time she spent moving on. I scoffed at my father. Surely my wife and I  forged a friendship that would survive this. She has a boyfriend now. We barely speak.  I'm not sure what embitters me more.

Sent via postcrossing to ou. She wanted celebrities and royalty. Bang. I have since spoken to my friend. But...what my father said still lingers. I still feel pretty bittered. Admitting I am a relic or admitting my father might have been right.  Strangers bearly read this blog. I think I am pretty safe from her or my father reading it.

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