Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Postcard #213: Gum Crumbs

Text:  Pilgrims going to church
   I lived near my school's - walking distance. In high school, we had an open campus lunch and I would walk home. My windowless school literally doubled as a hurricane shelter. So it was nice to get outside. Now, in an effort to familiarize today's youths with the dehumanizing effects of mass incarceration the school has closed lunches, uniforms, and metal detectors. On my way home I would put gum on a fence or on a signpost. In 1992, hurricane Andrew knocked the sign over and it had to be replaced. I had to replace the chewing gum. Slowly covering it with mottled green, blue, pink, and white blobs. I wonder if the post or the fences near my home or elementary schools playground I frequented in grade school still bear my gum signatures? I don't think I have ever left my gum under a table… but fences and posts are fair game. -TM

Sent via Postcrossing to Alterity.  I have had this card for a while.  There is even a chance I have already written it up on this blog.  I found about 5 of them while going through my stuff.  I don't know why I had so many written up yet unsent cards.  I guess I was in some sort of manic phase and I wrote up a bunch at once.  If I had about 5 cards that means I wrote 5 other cards and sent those instead.  I think I started drawing cards randomly and attempting to write a story on them inspired by what I saw on the card.  That seems like something I would do.  Trying to sort of astroturf inspiration.  I remember doing this and getting a bunch of postcrosser addressed from people demanding certain types of cards.  This postcrosser sort of left it blank what kind of cards they wanted.    

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