Monday, June 20, 2016

Postcard #103: "Dress2impress"


“Dress 2 impress”
Craters of the Moon – Idaho

Lichen & Wood, Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve © 2008, Dave Clark Photographer

I am trying on clothes for work. New clothes. For the first couple of weeks at my new job I have to dress business casual. No jeans. No scrubs…which eliminates most of my wardrobe. I now find myself in multiple claustra phobic dressing rooms with full length mirrors asking myself “If I am dressing for the job I want, or the job I have?” This shirt must tell others “I must want the job of Lazy Jerkoff-Clinical Director.” These pants communicate “I seek the job of “Fat asshole.” These pleats must say I want to be Vice-President of Buffoonery.” -TM.

Craters of the Moon NM & PRES

JUN 02 2016

Arco, ID

Transcribed by jjwood687 on Fiverr

Sent Via postcrossing to IrinkaLaponka,  This user wanted watercolors.  I don't really have any watercolors.  So on my road trip I kept my eye open.  Well.  Let me tell you the National Park Service doesn't carry a lot of watercolor postcards either.  So when I saw this one I thought it was a painting at first.  But its actually lichen growing on a tree burned by volcanic activity.  I got it at Craters of the Moon NP.  I passport stamped it from the day of my visit.

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