Saturday, June 25, 2016

Postcard #107: "Disposal"

Postcard #107: "Disposal"

US-4088034       Disposal

I’ve only recently lived in an apartment with a garbage disposal unit. I doubt I use the device the way it should be used, the stuff I shouldn’t grind or should grind…eggshells? Coffee grinds? When I am doing the dishes the disposal has to be checked from silverware and utensils before I can turn it on or risk breaking the disposal. At some point I realized I stare at the on/off switch while my hand is inside the drain and disposal. Am I staring at the switch so it doesn’t suddenly flip as if operated by some sadistic kitchen poltergeist? Or someone rushes into my apartment cross my studio floor in order to flip the switch while I am still elbow deep inside the drain. But there is a third option that I stare at the switch to make sure I don’t flip the switch. Perhaps my whimsical and creative right brain has grown tired of my left brain controlled right hand…and decided to take matters into their own…

US-4088034       T.M.

Transcribed by jjwood687 on Fiverr.

Sent via postcrossing leslyn.  Another ad-card that I turned into a suitable postcard.  I think this was an adcard for a shop that specialized in postcards so I suppose its appropriate.

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