Monday, June 6, 2016

Postcard #99: "0100 Hours"


Postcard #99: "0100 Hours"


0100 HOURS.

Countless bugs, insects

Cuts a swath from coast to coast

Grim Reapers windshield


So fucking tired

Awake, within creepy motel

Postcrossing Haikus


Palacio de Comunicaciones

Palace de Communications

Communications Palace



FISA I.G. – Palaudarias, 26 – Barcelona – Printed in Spain

Dep. Legal B. 8987-XXVII


Transcribed by jjwood687 on Fiverr.

Sent via postcrossing to Foysalratul
I wrote this postcard while staying in a little hole in the wall motel in Arco, ID.  I wasn't feeling all that inspired at the time.  I had written a haiku earlier and I wanted to immortalize it somehow.  I distinctly remember looking back at the bed and seeing a sleeping Samlee and Dante in the bed and wishing I was in bed instead of trying to postcard.  I actually filled out an entire postcard then decided not to send it to this person because I just felt he would not enjoy the content or the image on the postcard.  I ought to just get in the habit of writing down stories and things on the backs of cards and just sending those out.  Like having a shoebox of completed postcards just waiting for addresses.  But I think that would somehow be cheating the sender out of the idea that I am writing the card for them.  Half the time I wonder if they would give a shit anyway. 

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