Saturday, October 8, 2016

Postcard #135: "Paint"

Flavor Text: In public, Dean’s own insecurity was submerged by his Brando-style machismo. His open shirt and arrogantly poised cigarette were a perfect fantasy for nonsmoking teenagers who still listened to their parents.



Michaelanne’s vision was going black. Her helmet was repeatedly depressurizing and repressurizing in an attempt to help oxygenate the dropping O2 levels in her blood. She was clawing at the Juggernauts forearm which was holding her up by her neck. She reached up at the underside of her shattered facemask. The tempered glass crunched within her gloves on the helmet detaching from her suite. She hurtled it at her assailant who dropped her to the floor. Gasping she reached around for a weapon only to find her recently discarded helmet. She slide backwards away from the man who was still holding his face. She backed up into a wall. There was a silence as the both stood there looking at one another. His jaw tightened and he hunched forward as he wiped blood from his eyes. She started pushing backwards again as she moved right along the wall and into a small vestibule. She looked up as she passed under something before she could register what it was her bulky Maglev book had kicked out one of its legs. The wooden leg of a ladder, which was so out of place for the arbormine space station. The ladder began to fall forward between her and her assailant. Objects began to fall off the top of top tier of the ladder. A bucket of blue paint fell into his arms and a moment later a bucket of white paint fell in her lap.

Sent via Postcrossing to Reby who wanted pictures of dogs.  But particular types of dogs so I did not want to "waste" one of my odd dog photos if she would not have liked it.  She did mention wanting images of movie stars.  Even mentioned James Dean by name.  I happened to have an oversized James Dean postcard so...boom.  The story is an excerpt of an excerpt.  I have all these pieces of stories everywhere.  Parts of nanowrimo stories I have long forgotten.  Is nanowrimo still a thing? I have less than a month to figure that out.  If I fit 250 words on a postcard...I would only have to write about 6-7 a day throughout the month of November in order to complete the 50,000 word requirement.

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