Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Postcard #139: "Get a load of this guy..."

Sent to REDACTED via postcrossing.  So.  This gentleman from Germany wanted a postcard of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I suppose it is an interest that is close to him because he apparently lives in close proximity to one.  I went through some of the world heritage sites on the website and I learned that Chaco Canyon was listed.  I have had this postcard for 12 years.  This is one of MY postcards, from one of MY adventures.  I went on a cross country road trip with my father and my sister.   I got the card at the gift shop at Chaco Canyon and I got it stamped at the National Park Passport station while I was there.  This postcard represented the history of my trip and a memento of the trip.  I wrote about the trip there.  I wrote about how the Chaco Canyon location was falling apart.  I figured when I sent it..."Daaaaamn Tom.  You really knocked that one out of the park." I honestly thought he would make it one of his favorites or something.  That card has to be rare!  It was such a pain in the ass to get to...it is one of the least visited national parks for a reason.  This cat also wanted to know my favorite book...which I was happy to tell him.  

So he got the card...and replied back with this...
I was floored.  I read his short note (several times) and the first thing I thought was "Get a load of this guy..."  I REALLY want to think something was lost in translation.  Perhaps he did not mean for it to sound as rude as he did.  But then again, if he liked the card enough he could have just asked me for my name.  I think normally I would have eaten crow.  I would have apologized for somehow slighting or being unfriendly to this stranger.  Instead I replied:

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  1. I love the card I received from you, and I love your stories! I work pretty hard finding just the right card to send to someone, too, and look forward to their responses...so I totally understand your "disgruntledness."

    Thanks for letting me know about your site. I enjoy it tremendously. However, I would LOVE it if you'd enlarge the writing side of the card just a bit. It's practically impossible to read (my eyesight is pretty bad, it's not the handwriting). I copy and paste it onto WORD, then enlarge it, but that of course makes the writing unclear, and the pleasure of reading your stories diminishes a bit.

    Thanks so much!