Monday, October 5, 2020

Postcard #163: "Doublespeak"


Original Card:
Stamp: United States White House with US Flag Postage Stamp 8¢ Scott: 1338f (I think)
Original Postmark: Libby, MT 59923 Jun 17th AM 1974 

Dear Janice,
Staying with Thora and Earl 'til Monday morning. Even Montana is Hot! Think it will be cool at Glacier. The "Hook's" say hello & so does David. Dad tried to get you on the phone, but no one answered! Lots of love. Mom, Dad

Text: Something I have learned working in healthcare for the past 8 months is what I am really hearing when a manager talks to me (not necessarily MY manager)

"I hear your concerns and they are important to me.  I am going to escalate these concerns up the chain of command in order for them to fall on the appropriate deaf ears."

Sent via postcrossing to MmeJarrell. She said she went to the World's fair in Portugal.  Which was in 1998 I suppose  I had a few of these 74 world's fair cards.  I think this is the second I have sent.  They all require editing to cover up the previous writing.  

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