Saturday, October 17, 2020

Postcard #174: Thank you Postcard


Postmarked: Miami, FLA
Jan 21st 1952

Miami Mon. AM.
Hello Sister. Thanks for 
remembering my birthday but
you should forget all about birth-
days. We are leaving now to 
go back to P.G.[?] We have
been here a week. It was 
78 here today. Hasn't rained 
since we got down here.
Goo Bye
Ezy [?]

Mr. Pubillones,
I never thanked you for the book "Havana 1900's" sent to me by my Godmother Aimee Davis. The postcards in that book were beautiful. What a collection! So rich with stories and history. Thank you very much. Here is a postcard from my collection just in case you ever write a book about Miami postcards!  Stay safe. Stay healthy! Keep postcarding!
Thomas Minor

Not much to say here.  I received a book as a gift from my godmother Aimee.  I was looking through it a few days ago.  He wrote a very nice note on the inside which was pretty nifty.  I don't have many books signed by the authors. I've had this postcard for a while. they say "Kill your darlings." So off to a better place.  
Admittedly I really like the previous text on it. Goo Bye? and  "Thanks for remembering my birthday but you should forget all about birth....days." God, there is something beautiful about that.

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