Sunday, October 11, 2020

Postcard #167: Poor-nithologist


I once took a road trip with a friend of mine to help him move. I asked my girlfriend at the time, Amber to watch my finches. I had a large flight cage with about 10 birds. A few days into the trip I remember calling her from a gas station to see how things were. She said she and the finches were fine. Later I would get a frantic call from her telling me that a bunch of my finches had died. She was convinced something had gotten in the cage and killed them. Confused and concerned, I asked her: what could have done it? Was the cage open? 'No." Was there blood? Are the finches in parts or just dead in the cage? "No blood. Just finches and feathers all over." Is there food and water? There was a slight pause. "Yes, I gave them food and water?" I asked: Today? Did you give a cage full of dead finches food and water this morning? But instead what came out was: "When?" "Today," she reported. How about the last time before that? "I don't know."  Needless to say, we did not work out and I never forgave her. 


Sent via Postcrossing to Natalia0502.  She wants Owls.  Which I do not have.  I ought to take a picture of my workspace to show people what a fucking mess my room is right now searching for cards that will fulfill people's postcard wishes. The room is a fucking mess. Period. It is NOT her fault.  I am messy and I have a lot of cards.  So messy happens.  But explicit requests for things do not help me stay organized.   But she did say she would like animal birds and nature.  So a picture of a peacock and a story about animal and human nature.  True story. 

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