Saturday, October 17, 2020

Postcard #172: Review: Expanse and RPT


I made the mistake of re-reading "Ready Player One." I think with one reading you spend time waxing nostalgic about Ernest Cline 80's pop culture referencing that you do not realize how cringy, it actually is... class, women, minorities, what dumb shit Cline finds interesting. Eventually, you realize the only character he nails perfectly is the white male privilege. A solid case of white savior syndrome, with a touch of Deus ex Machina. I stupidly pre-ordered "Ready Player Two." because I am a self-loathing, masochist. BUT! I am also waiting for the last book of the Expanse series to come out. James SA Corey created a very deep, realistic, sci-fi universe. I can easily say that I thoroughly enjoy these books. The authors create antagonists so irritating that it makes you want to put the book in a closet and forget about it. Yet he also creates characters (read: grey protagonists) that you become very attached to and puts them in situations that make it impossible to put down.
My favorite book...
Goodnight moon... or Candide by Voltaire.

 Sent via postcrossing to Linderoos.  She requested my favorite book.  I should just put my favorite book down in my profile.  I think I will just mail a book review whenever someone requests to know my favorite book.  She also requested a card that had "sewing themes" in it.  I don't know if I have ever seen a sewing themed card...BUT did have a card that had sewn stuff in it.  I have some doubts she will receive it.  I feel like its going to get stuck in some conveyer belt or something.  We will see.  

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