Monday, October 19, 2020

Postcard #175: Inverted Speedbumps


There are two cars parked in my front yard, front to front. one car was changing was a tire while the other illuminated the workspace with its headlights. I went outside with a flashlight to help/investigate. The "assistant" noticed my flashlight and looked over, "Everything okay? Need another light?" The bearded onlooker was shining the light into the wheel well of a wide-rimmed grey luxury sedan. It seemed shiny. The mechanic/driver said, "Thank you but I'm almost done." He tightened a lug nut and moved the tire iron to another nut. "This is the second flat I've gotten on this road. One day I am going to come out here and patch up these potholes myself!" I did not say: 'Well if you were going the 25 mph speed this might not have happened' or 'l purposely do not call these potholes in so they might damage speeding cars and your labor serves as a reminder to all those currently speeding to slow down.'  Instead, I said: "You are welcome to change your tires here anytime." -TM

Mailed directly to my friend Drew.  I was so excited to get this one out that I forgot to put the zip code down.  I guess we will see how determined the postal service is to get people their mail.  I told him if he doesn't get it I will get him another postcard.  But at least I scanned it before this card was placed in the proverbial circular mailbox.  I think I am going to start calling my potholes: inverted speedbumps.  

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