Sunday, November 1, 2020

Postcard #179: Recent Dream


I had a dream last night my wife and I had to give up our child for adoption. Not explained. We simply had to give our child, Ursa, up. We had to interview people scores of people who I just don't remember aside from the thought there were many. But it was clear that no one could love or provide for her better than my wife and I. We had to settle for "less than" parents for our child. I woke up before the dream ended... I was hoping to speak to a judge to reverse the adoption.

Sent Via postcrossing to jannatpac.  She wanted foxes.  I had none.  But I did have this nifty little Oilette postcard of a fox hunt.  That has to count for something. It looks like someone else liked it at some point because there is a thumbtack hole in two corners.  

Another convert for the First Nonsecular Church of the Travelling Correspondance Card!  POSTAGE BE! Let us bow our heads and stamp.

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