Saturday, November 14, 2020

Postcard #187: ItchyGu


Stop me if I've told you this...

Throughout my life, when playing RPG's on console's I've had a few "go-to" names for characters. "Penshaw" has been used quite a bit. I've named characters after historical and mythological figures (Semiramis, Dante/Virgil/Crowley). Randomness: Neutroid, Ümlaut, Calamity. And who hasn't named a character Fart, Poop, or some other "bad" word? But to this day...the most common name I use for saves or main characters is "Itchygu" one day, back in the middle school formative years. My friend Juan P. and I started a new save game of Zelda 2 (I think). The Adventure of Link, the oft-maligned side-scrolling adventure game of the series. When it came time to name Link, my friend volunteered the name "Itchy" and the name of my chocolate lab "Gus". But the interface would only allow 7 characters. I still play ItchyGu even if I can enter the whole 8 characters. I need all the luck and nostalgia I can get during my formative 40 years.

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