Monday, November 2, 2020

Postcard #183: Locals



So I voted pretty much straight down the ticket for democrats and progressive candidates. Trump is a lunatic. A racist, sexist, narcissist. I honestly don't care that he is a philander but he is a huge liar. Biden is not my first choice, neither is Kamala. The two-party system blows, I don't much care for our mayor, Ted Wheeler. But Iannarone comes off as a certified grade-A whack job. I cannot stand how incapable Chloe Eudaly, is at understanding the concerns of people with different points of view. Mingus Mapps got his ass thoroughly handed to him by her in the debate. So we are fucked regardless of who wins city Commissioner. All the measures are for increases in taxes, to which I have mixed feelings about ... part of me & feels... EAT THE RICH. But the other part feels like why must this state be soooo anticapitalist? Ehh... I voted for all the measures including legalizing psilocybin and taxing tobacco products' and e-cigarettes...I wish they could just tox the shit out of e-ciggs. There was also a measure to decriminalize low-level drug possession. Which is great Portland is stupidly defunding police while we are kinda turning into a lawless drug-addled angry "anarchist Jurisdiction."

I sent this via postcrossing to Poolata.  In hindsight, I would not have written about local politics in Portland OR on a card from Wyoming.  But the person wanted volcanos and landscape stuff.  So...I figured this was a good one.  This card is from my collection when  I drove across the country from the east to west coast.  Postage Be.  

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