Sunday, November 1, 2020

Postcard #176: Golden Years


I call my grandmother at least once a week since moving away from NJ to Or. She is 94. W talk about the weather. I tell her about her great grandchild Ursa, and what she has been up to. She asks when I will come to visit and I sadly tell her until there is a Coronavirus vaccine I can't risk coming to see her. Whenever I ask how she is doing she says one of 2 things. "I am doing pretty good for an old Broad." OR - "The golden years...the only thing Golden is your urine." God bless her. -TM.

Sent via Postcrossing to nkarnof.  And I will be completely frank...she has a better profile than a good chunk of the people on Postcrossing and she seems pretty cool. All business.  No demands.  Love it.  

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