Monday, November 2, 2020

Postcard #182: Vote.


It's November 2nd. My wife and I just finished dinner. It feels... like how I felt the night before a hurricane was due to strike. I feel like I should be doing something but there is nothing to do until the new pandemonium begins. These past four years have been "stupid chaos" and there is a chance whole new starting "stupid chaos" that I am completely unfamiliar with. Maybe it's dangerous maybe it's more of the same... maybe it will be a glimpse of sanity. When people talk about the election and I am unsure of the political affiliation I just comment that it is wonderful that this election is on track to have the most voter participation since 1908... but that is only 65%. I will then ask people should it be our goal to make this # = 100? Tonight marks my last night in blissful ignorance of how bad it can actually be...It feels a whole lot like when Trump won against HRC.

I sent this to my friend KC/  This is kinda being posted after the fact.  But oh well. Since quite one reads my blog does it matter if I am backdating this card? I put a first-class stamp on this because last time I am pretty sure someone stole the postcard I sent my father.  I always have my doubts that these sorts of postcards will read their destinations.  I ran packing tape over the front of it to make it more "glossy postcard".  

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