Saturday, November 7, 2020

Postcard #184: Common Sense


The doctor was standing in front the nurses station having walked over from one end of the Covid patient block of rooms. She is still wearing her isolation gown, gloves, goggles, and mask. She announces that she just separated the dirty and clean isolation and prep tables outside the patient rooms. There is a silent pause among all the nurses sitting at the computers. "I separated the clean and dirty tables... they were right next to each other?" "Okay."  Someone muttered. "Thank you(?)." Another person said with the faintest hint of a Question mark. "They can't be so close together... the clean... the dirty tables." "Yes. Yes, doctor. Thank you." I looked at her and wondered if she changed her gloves after touching the table. I wish I had a Book of Gold star stickers to put next to the nurse's station or screening station... to award people when they ask for recognition when they do their jobs or simply use common sense. -TM

This was sent via postcrossing to MonikaDvorakova.  She wanted a Unesco WHS card.  This is a postcards of Fountains Abbey I have plenty of those.  But I kinda like sending postcards of locations before the UN came around and thought it was worth saving.  


  1. Hello! Found this blog because of jackalope postcards. I'm very interested in collecting any jackalope/horned rabbit cards that I don't already have, and have jackalope and other weird postcards to trade. Wanna trade? sponge_squirrel at yahoo dot com.

  2. I prolly have 2-4. My guess is most of them are from Wall Drug in south dakota. It may take me a little while but I can probably dig them up and send you a picture of what I have.