Sunday, November 1, 2020

Postcard 180: Max Challenge Attempt #1


Fall is setting into the Pacific Northwest. Here in Portland Oregon it is a cold drizzly morning 39°F. When I let my dog out this morning it was so foggy that I thought it was smoke. About a month ago we had some very bad fires here on the west coast. There were days the sky was orange and grey and you could not see more than 50 ft. I am sending you this card because you essentially asked for it. You wanted something for your kids but ultimately you wanted something colorful. You have a lot of rules. No art (is this card considered art?) No ad cards. (I guess I can understand that one) But no handmade cards. (This one rule... a lot of people have .... Why? Are they really that bad? How do you define handmade?) I was going to send this card to an American but I sent it to you. I don't know why. Maybe I will contemplate that when I write to the American.  I have 6-7 postcards I have to write today. I think I am more productive with Postcrossing when I am under pressure. So I will generate several addresses at once to fuel my creativity. Lately, it seems like card selection takes the most time. The text on this card is pretty much generated by your demand that I write as much as I can on the card. When I told my wife this... she laughed. She knows how small and bad my handwriting can be. This is my smallest pen... a Pigma micron 005.  This is the pen I normally postcard with a micron 02.  I usually write my drafts with this pen, a micron 03 or this... a micron PN. It's hard to write with the 005. Today is Halloween. I don't think we will get many trick or treaters because of Covid (we really shit the bed with that have in the states) it's important to carve out some normalcy where you can. -tm OCTOBER 31, 2020 (HALLOWEEN)

Sent via Postcrossing to Caddi. She said she wants colorful and something she could show her kids.  But she did say she wanted me to write as much as I can.  So I have been presented with a new challenge.  MAX WORDS! This card is 340 words.  I am pretty sure I can beat that.  Her birthday is Christmas eve!  Mine is the day after Christmas! I could have mentioned that!  That would have gotten me over 350 certainly.  Maybe next time.  

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