Sunday, January 3, 2021


So...for the first time in forever...[groan] I have generated 11 postcard destinations...and have all of them in transit together right now. Also for the first time I put several of them in envelopes. I kinda left many of the post cards address destinations theory one of the recipients could put an address on them and essentially remail it and get credit. Which would be cool if one of them thought to do that.  

So, younger naive Tom used to think, foolishly, that i work best underpressure. If I can generate 11 addresses....pull AND HOLD the trigger and fire the whole damn clip at once. Because the pressure of one is a distraction. The pressure of 11 has to be a like breaking atoms. Right?

No. It just made me hate the process. I had people I was nearly 45 days even get something in the mailbox. Wtf Tom. Having 11 people I had to write to all at once was a dumb idea. ...I don't really feel like it made me a better writer. Instead of a pressure cooker of ideas i sent several postcards that were different iterations of the main thing on my mind. Which is living in a world where I am yet another person living and dealing with being in a shitty world. Oh. And covid. And Trump.

So. There are a couple of people who are interested in direct mailing. I think I am going to reconnect with them and some friends and family. And just give the random address generator a rest for a few weeks. Maybe until I have a full clip again.


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