Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #192: "essential"


Postcard flavor text:

HOWARD HUGHES SPRUCE GOOSE gathers  speed prior to take-off November 2, 1947. The giant aircraft is now on display in its new dome in the Port of Long Beach, California.

ID: US-7153947


I am considered an essential worker (nurse). I never have used that word to describe myself. Essential. It's a dumb word that means I have to work, and others can't regardless if they can / should/ or not.  I am happy/proud as it is a nice distraction from the insanity of national politics and dissociative delusions of certain political party whims.  Opinions carry more weight than science somehow. Oregon has some of the most restrictive social distancing laws, we have some of the Lowest death/incidence rates of Covid... But people are still dying here. People are being hospitalized in intensive care regularly. So then a disconnect somewhere. Pretending "this will never happen to me" feeling.  When I drive home I see plenty of people at bars together without masks so god knows how many people are at home "pretending" together.

I had to trim this card to get it in the envelope. Sorry.

Sent via postcrossing to Lario.  They wanted postcards of fighter places.  I feel like I had postcards of stealth fighters or at least a blackbird.  But I am in the midst of reorganizing my cards.  Only now do I regret starting this task because now I can not find anything.  I need to take all my cards and throw them into three piles.  

1. Postcards that might actually see the inside of a mailbox.  

2) Interesting Postcards that are too damaged to mail unless given some TLC.  

3) Postcards that need to see the inside of a wastebasket.  

So I sent a spruce goose postcard...I think this is the second one this season.  Hughes failed attempt at a wooden bomber because of the availability of wood over metal.  

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