Sunday, January 3, 2021

Postcard #196: Words/Phrases/Idioms

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01/02/2021 Words/Phrases / idioms. -TM
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Passenger Train on Tanglefoot Curve between Chama, New Mexico, and Antonito, Colorado.

It is hard for me you have an opinion of Hong Kong. I am pro-democracy, but my Country really should not be judging your country since we in the US are doing a pretty "BANG UP "job doing it right now- "Bang-Up"-normally means excellent but in this case, I am being, sarcastic in that we are doing a shitty job. (Bad job) Right now I am trying to teach my 3 yo. daughter the word "self-deprecating".  It is important to make jokes at your own expense. It's humbling and keeps you grounded. Before I start driving I will text my wife OMW. "On my way" in that I am heading home and it should take me about a half-hour." If it were "Raining Cats & dogs" that would mean it was raining a lot and very heavy.  I am a nurse in the operating room. Often times we get people with bad skin infections that we have to give "I and D's" to which means irrigate (washout) and debride (remove dead tissue). Look up the word Nec FAS.

Sent via Postcrossing to Harry2019.  He mentioned wanting postcards of transportation.  This is the Steam Locomotive 483 and it is currently at a museum and there is some grassroots operation to get it repaired.  I really wanted to get into the word "NEC FASC" (commonly pronounced "Neck Fash") is short for necrotizing fasciitis. He had a few requests.  Date.  Word or phrases in my language.  My opinion of Hong Kong.  Which I have never been asked before.  Tell me your feelings about where I live.  I am tempted to ask people in the states their opinion of Portland Oregon right now because I have a feeling it will be pretty disconnected from the real thing.  

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