Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #191: "Empty Postcard"

Postcard flavor Text:
From a position in front of Our Lady's Grotto, one has a most impressive view of the statue of Mary Our Mother, silhouetted against the distant sky. There on the Sanctuary's upper level She stands in regal prominence- Mary, the world's Queenly Sentinel.

"...if your profile is empty or only consists of wishlist you'll unfortunately receive an empty card."
 ID: US-7218927
I guess I understand why someone might do that. Postcrossing is a strange mix of fun and excitement and annoyance and boredom. I don't think I would want to get away with sending an empty Card. It seems like a cop-out. It's easy to send "Happy Postcrossing" I never really thought of how aggravating it might be to receive a completely BLANK card. Isn't the objective then introduce yourself or get to know others?  If wishlist profiles get your knickers in a twist I suppose you could report the accounts and then they would get pulled and they could not receive postcards until they fixed their accounts?  ... It's 5 days until Christmas. I am late getting my postcards out [over] 30 days. I am late wrapping gifts for my wife and child.  
Happy Holidays!

Sent via postcrossing to Eichhoernchen.  I hope they do not think I was being too critical.  I still consider myself a pretty green/young postcrossing person. I will come across some account with a strange request that the sender do not do.  Some people have strong issues about getting enveloped cards or unpoststamped postcards.  I recently saw someone who said they do not want their address entered into any sort of database if their name comes up on a draw.  I did not even know that was a thing.  And I think every 10 or so draws I get an account that has all of their landmark cards highlighted (i.e. 500th card sent or received.  1000th sent or received card Etc).  I am trying to imagine what I would be like when I have transcended to someone who has sent out 500 postcards or the previous person who has over 3000 postcards sent or received.  I feel like I would be some zerofucks given type of person vs someone who had a new arrangement of requests or demands.  Time will tell.

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