Saturday, January 30, 2021

Postcard #198: "It's All Your Fault"

 The front reads "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT."

I've only given about 100 vaccines and for the & most part those I've vaccinated are pretty excited about it. I have had conversations with people reluctant with getting it though. I think part of the problem is the foundation for explaining the vaccine to people. Too many people liken this vaccine to something out of a horror movie or apocalypse movie instead of its true genre relation. That of science fiction, this vaccine is an incredible feat of Science. A virus, our bodies have not really combated before... getting tagged" by a protein taught to our immune system... so that our body can identify the interlopers. It is something out of god damned Star Trek and it's fucking amazing and should be respected and admired. Not likened to walking dead. T.M.

This was sent via Postcrossing to afcbird1.  I've had this card for a while.  It was one of my personal favorites.  The look on her face is just awesome.  Like "you're goddamned right it's all my fault!" And I guess I wanted to make sure it would go to someone who would appreciate it.  But doing that is hard.  Assuming appreciation.  She gave off a progressive vibe and wanted COVID cards.  I did not even think such a thing existed.  She has not logged on in 4 days.  So right now in my head... it exists in a quantum state that she liked it AND thought it was just another card she got from Postcrossing.  And if you are reading this...don't act like you don't get card that you are completely unimpressed with.  Eh.  I need sleep.  Or coffee.  

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