Sunday, January 3, 2021

Postcard #197: "Ana"

Card Flavor text:
Arch Rock from Maxwell Point and the beautiful Cape Mears Light House in the background.
I looked up. "What?" "This place, you know I'm really going to miss it." I put my drink down and took in the humid NY City night and scene. I glanced at my sweaty glass and wondered if my confusion was alcohol-induced.  I counted back drinks and applied sobering metrics to all my food. Then calculated my probability that I was drunk or something was off. I looked over my shoulder then looked back at her. "Are you talking to me?" "Yeah! "She laughed and shifted her drink and pushed her hair out of her eyes.  Was she flirting? Did I miss something? She continued. "This town, New York, you know. There really isn't anything like it in the world?" "No, I guess not." Quickly deciding New York isn't all that great. I took a sip of my drink. Who the fuck talks like that? Like speaking dialogue from a film...within
reality. It was confusing, it wrecked my buzz and it was the weirdest conversation I have ever had with an Ana.

Sent via postcrossing to relvita.  This is a true story.  There is a little part of me that wonders if this is the same Ana.  Which would just be HILLLLLAAAAARIOUS. This Ana from what I remember had decided she was going to move to the UK for work.  My friends and I had met up with her in NYC in what was to be one of her last few weekends before moving to the UK. We were sitting at a bar with outdoor seating.  I think she was taken by the bustle and energy of the city.  Something I never really fell for...

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